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Random Tuesday Thoughts: Television Personalities

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For quite some time now I’ve been struggling with my feelings about a certain handyman in our life….Handy Manny, to be exact.

My kids love this show…they watch it almost daily (yeah, that’s right…daily). It is a good show, well written, teaches values, blah blah blah.

All I can think of when I watch this show…is that those tools are really creepy…and wouldn’t it be funny if they were distinct splits in this crazy man’s personality? Like..maybe this weirdo guy walks all around SheetRock Hills pretending to fix stuff…and everyone is really nice to him and talks to his “Tools” … its really him breaking stuff instead of his clumsy tools and everyone is just afraid to set him off.

I’m really kind of obsessed with this notion. I can’t watch the show without thinking of the alternate universe possibility.

I also spend some time watching soap operas that I DVR… and I’m extremely irritated as of late with the “moms” on the show who go stroller walking together…and as they walk off down the street in their fancy clothes they have these high heels on… as if.

My husband says I get way to wrapped up in television..he says “THIS is what you think of when you watch this?” Yeah, it really is.

It occurs to me that with the impending arrival of our third baby…there is another stark reality… I’m pretty sure this time no one is coming. Like…I was thinking today how when I was pregnant with Lilli and Brendan was 18mo crying my eyes out because I was overwhelmed (really? with one kid?)…and my mom coming up to help me out for the day. I’m very aware that this time around there is no one coming to my rescue. My sister is pregnant with her first…and my SIL is pregnant with their second…I’m having to admit to myself that third is nothin’ but old hat. *sigh*

Amazingly enough, I have no peni update this week. He has managed to “keep it in his pants” so to speak…now dad…that’s another story….I’ll keep it to myself.

For some truly fabulous Random Tuesday Thoughts…head on over and visit SuperKeely at The UnMom. She is cool.

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Notebook Experiments: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl Sundae

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Amy at MomAdvice puts together a notebook entry every Wednesday with fabulous ideas for activities, crafts and recipes you can do with your family…great ideas that she has rounded up around the blogosphere. She invites anyone who wants to try one of the projects out to blog it and link up on Thursday when she posts her own experiment.

I used to do this quite regularly… I enjoyed it so much and found it was a great way to inspire me with new ideas of activities to do with Brendan … I’m not sure why I drifted. With my new plan for blogging in place, I have scheduled this activity for me…and my family. A weekly Notebook Experiment. I hope you enjoy it…I hope you check out MomAdvice and see how absolutely wonderful her site is….and maybe you will join the Notebook Experiments, too!

This week I chose to try out The Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl Sundae from Michael Ruhlman’s blog. His son James inspired him to make these awesome ice cream bowls…and my son thanks him, profusely. This idea was posted in the June 24th edition of Amy’s Notebook.

The idea is simple enough…make cookie dough….mold into cups and bake. I do have fairly decent skills in the kitchen…but I had a little more trouble with this than I anticipated…in fact I don’t think we are quite done experimenting.

Michael Ruhlman gives an adapted cookie recipe that makes for a slightly lighter, crispier cookie…which should hold up well for the bowls. I say “should”.

We followed the recipe…
We thoroughly enjoyed the cookie dough…I think the problem came when I loaded up the bowls…

The directions call for two different sizes of slightly bigger than the other. We didn’t have this…all of our little bowls are the same size…so we forged ahead that way. We made one at a time so that we could learn from our mistakes without wasting all of the dough. Here is a Twitpic of Michael and James’ original crafting of the bowl.

Round 1: We put the cookie dough in the cup and squished the other down on top of it. The dough barely moved up the sides of the bowl…so I decided we needed more dough. Took the top bowl up…added more dough and re-squished. Stuck it in the oven, re-read the directions and noticed it said “Until dough begins to creep up the side of the bowl…rising will take care of the rest”…oops. As you can guess….between pulling the bowl out after the first squish…and adding too much dough…this bowl was a flop. (In shape only, hubby devoured it.)

Round 2: Added only 1/3 c. dough as prescribed. Very carefully centered the top bowl and squished it down…then placed it in the oven. This one also failed. It was still way too thin on one side and when I removed the top bowl most of the top part of the cookie bowl came with it on one side. Again, that didn’t prevent it from being eaten. :)

Round 3: Looked for something else to do the initial squish…wanted to thin out the bottom of the cookie bowl a little more and give us more dough to work with on the sides. Used a drinking glass to pre-squish…the centered the top bowl and gave it a good push. This version seemed to be doing much better…but at the end of the first cooking round was again much larger on one side.

I’m told my husband that I think perhaps our oven is slanted.

Round 4: Proceeded as in Round 3, but half way through first baking time turned the bowl 90 degrees in case my oven is, indeed, slanted. This worked a little better.

That is all I’ve gotten done so far. We had a fair amount of trouble getting the cookie bowls out of the glass bowls…but I attribute that to the top sides being so thin. In the comments on Michael’s original post I saw suggestions to bake the cookie then mold it over a muffin tin when you pull it out of the oven. I may give this version a spin next.

So why am I blogging my failed experiment? Because I believe that when the smile is this big….

You haven’t failed.

I’m going to keep trying at these. I see this as an awesome make ahead dessert for playdates or birthday parties. You can make up the bowls and fill them with ice cream…stick the whole thing in the freezer and pull it out when you are ready for them… you could serve them as is…with chocolate syrup…or make it into a sundae bar (be sure you are sending kids directly home afterwards if you plan to do this! LOL!)
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Ice Cream for Wii Mommies

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Right now Target has some sweet deals on Ice Cream…Edy’s Slow Churned, to be exact. This is the perfect summer treat for this Wii Mommy … so I thought I’d share it with you! How can ice cream be good for someone like myself struggling with their weight? Easily!

First of all…if you deprive yourself of the things that you love while you are trying to get fit or loose weight, you will be fighting a losing battle. The best thing you can do for yourself is to allow yourself the occasional treat… and practice portion control.

The Edy’s ice cream come in individual sized cartons. You can enjoy a cool summer treat without over indulging. What could be better??

How about the fact that these little gems are nearly FREE? At my Target, single serving containers of Edy’s Ice Cream are priced at $1.19 each. Target has a printable coupon available for $1/1 Edy’s Ice Cream that does not specify a size…making these $0.19 each!


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Take a Look at What Coupons Can Do

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My friend Tricia at Gardner’s Have the Best Dirt set out on a mission this week…to only purchase items that were $0.99 or less after coupons….and she JUST about did it!! Last week she stocked up really well (saving TONS of money, I might add) and was able to do her deal shopping this week!

Tricia (@trica on Twitter) jumped on the coupon wagon only a few short weeks ago and she is already doing a GREAT JOB! It just takes a little concentration to make it work for you, too!

Check out Tricia’s post on what deals she got and what coupons she used…then make it work for you!

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Wordless Wednesday: Family Portrait

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