5 Plus 10 Lawrence Food Pantry Challenge: Update

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about Lawrence Food Pantries running low on food and needing help.  I issued a challenge for people to find 5 items from their own cupboards to donate…then to take $10 to their store of chosing and buy food to help fill those shelves.

My own contribution was that I would donate $10 of the registration fee from each participant of  my August coupon class. I have $80 to spend to fill those shelves…do you KNOW what I can do with $80?!?!

I’ve heard from several people that they did, indeed, take the challenge…this makes me exstatic!  The most exciting to me so far was hearing from my neighbor that his recent quest to stop smoking is not only a success…but he took the money he would have spent in August on cigarettes…and spent it at Checkers to help out the Food Pantry!  Thanks, Kent!!

Being a full 9 months pregnant at this point I’m not as quick about shopping out these deals as I normally am…so I’m slowly but surely adding to the reserves and I thought I would post my progress for all to see:


This is simply a picture of what I am donating from my own shelves….minus three boxes of cereal that are tucked away in my napping daughter’s closet :)

- 4 Light Kraft Mayo

- 5 Kraft BBQ Sauce

- 2 Kraft Salad Dressing

- 2 Family Size Tuna pouches

- 3 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal

Now…as I mentioned I have $80 to spend on groceries.  Here is what I have started with:


Here I have:

- 7 Boxes Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helper

- 10 Boxes Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes (a variety)

- 9 Boxes of Quaker Oatmeal

- 1 Betty Crocker Microwave Brownie

I used the recent mega event at Dillon’s to purchase these items and spent a whopping $9.72 (before tax).  I still have $71.28 to spend!  Yeah!!

You can still take the challenge!  Be sure to Email or Tweet Me and let me know you are up for it!  As I continue to add to the pile I will post pictures of what I’m buying and the total amount spent.  Want to donate but don’t want to shop?  I will do your shopping for you!  Email me and I will send you a PayPal request …and add your donation to my total.

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  1. I am SOOO glad I gave you my money rather than trying to do the shopping myself – I am AMAZED at how much you’ve been able to donate with so little cash. Thank you for doing this
    .-= Phera´s last blog ..PHERA: Fridge Purge – Sep 02,2009 =-.

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