A Little Recycling

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I got the recycling out today!

Back in November, PayPal put a fancy little freeze on my account for “security reasons”.  All I had to do to get it unlocked was follow a series of very simple steps that never worked or allowed me access.  I fought with this until finally getting it unlocked at the end of December.  The only bill I have that pays out of PayPal is to our recycling company; in the process of this simple PayPal snafu… our recycling service was cancelled because the payment couldn’t be withdrawn from PayPal.

I kept thinking I’d deal with it later.

But I didn’t.

Then Christmas hit and brought with it eight million cardboard boxes and six tons o wrapping paper.  All recycling.

I got the service reestablished the same week his truck broke down.

Last week I filled the van and hauled off a big portion of the recycling to WalMart.

Today I sorted through the PILES of recycling in our garage and got the majority of it out to the curb…and it was carted away.

I’m a little disappointed; this picture does not do justice to the 45 minutes I spent on this project….but very thrilled that I can now make my way through the garage again.

At least the part that used to contain the recycling. (#MoreforAnotherDay)


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