A Month of Thankful, Day 1: Four Friends

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Every year some of my blogger friends and I get all cocky and decide that we are going to participate in NaBloPoMo; a month of blog posts.  EVERY DAY.  We start off with such great intentions….I’m not sure any of us have actually made it all the way through.  But we are hard headed and we try again, each November…and sometimes in between.

What I have learned over the years however, is that dedication to writing starts off roughly.  I stumble through a few posts and then, after torturing you, my lovely readers, for roughly 8 days… I start to get my groove back.  I’ve gotten compliments time and again from people who say how much they enjoy reading what I write….when I get to that place.  And I always vow to stay there….and yet… I never do.
So here we are, November 1st.

I need to get my groove back.

I’m not going to do NaBloPoMo…not officially.  But I am going to try to post each day this month.  This time I’m going to jump on the “Thankful” wagon and post each day about something that I am thankful for.  Through this year my “Small Things” has sort of morphed into things that I appreciate …. and it makes me happy to post those things.  It makes my day happier when I spend time thinking about them.

So let’s give this a go, shall we?
I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing women who have granted me the privilege of their friendships.  I have friends far and wide… some who I speak with daily…and some who I speak to randomly throughout the year.  They all hold a special place in my heart…and each of them holds a different place in my heart.  I am an incredibly lucky woman to have a place in the hearts of this many incredible souls…and to be able to house them in mine as well.

Tonight however, on my first night of publicly proclaiming my grateful, thankful heart…. I am thankful for a very specific four amazing friends.  These four women have taken a very raw piece of me and wrapped me in their love, they have poured their courage into my heart and they are using their strength to hold me up…to help me stand tall with my head held high.

Thank you.

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