A Week of Snacks

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In accordance with my attempts at keeping us on more of a routine, this week I worked out not only my dinner menus this week but breakfast, lunch and snacks also.

All of that work and snacks were the hardest part for me. I think it is easy to grab a carb-loaded snack for the kids ….graham crackers, Goldfish, granola bars…the list goes on and on. Not only is it bad for them to be consuming so many carbohydrates….those same carbohydrates are really doing a number on their teeth. So I’m trying to round it out a little bit. Here is the list of snacks I’ve come up with this week:

Crockpot Applesauce : The kids loved this last year when I made it and I haven’t made a batch yet this year so it seems like the perfect time. We can use this for snacks on Tuesday and the leftovers will go well with lunches or warmed up for dessert the rest of the week.

Yogurt: This is a big hit in our family and the kids have no problem eating yogurt every day. With breakfasts that are planned out, I can make sure that yogurt is saved for a snack at least one day during the week.

Banana Bread: I didn’t say I was cutting out the carbs all together! I’ve got bananas just crying out for me to bake in the fridge. If I make this for snacks one day, it can accompany eggs for breakfast the next morning.

Raisins and Peanuts: Sometimes I think we overlook the simplest ideas when it comes to snack time. This will provide a little sugar and some protein to carry them through the morning until lunch is ready. Dillons has bags of snack nuts on sale $10/10 this week.

Apple O’s: Not that the kids need a more imaginative way to eat apples, they already love them…but this was a favorite of mine growing up. Cut out the core, slice and make “O” sandwiches with peanut butter.

Granola Squares: I got some Nature Valley Granola Squares on sale a while back. I stuck them away in the cupboard and forgot; so I’ll pull them out this week. Maybe next week I will experiment with making my own granola bars.

Ants on a Log: Celery, cream cheese and raisins. Anything that sounds weird or “gross” my kids love. One day I served them apples and caramel dip and said it was “poop” …they thought it was hysterical.

What are some of your favorite kid snacks? I’d love some new quick and easy ideas!

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