Jenn HethcoatMy name is Jenn Hethcoat and I am NOT a Mommy Blogger.

I am always a mom and sometimes I blog, when I do I write about all things food, parenting, family, social media and the lessons I’m learning in photography.

Last year I made my first purchase of a DSLR camera.  Through hundreds of pictures a week I’m learning to make what I see and feel come alive within the photos.  I’m taking classes at the Lawrence Art Center and learning from my many talented photographer friends, most noteably Kristen at DineandDish and Amanda at EverydayElements.  Slowly I’m gaining the courage to display my photos. Sometimes its geeky (like this post about apples) and sometimes it is out of love (are there better subjects than my children?).

There is nothing more amazing than viewing the world through the eyes of your children.  I struggle, daily, to be a good parent.  Some days I’m successful, some days I fail.  I’m honest about both.  I am a SuperMom, I know it in my heart.  I am also human and therefore I am SuperFlawed.  In this space that is mine, I share all of it: the struggles, the heartache and the amazing beauty.  I parent SuperBoy (6), SuperGirl (4) and SuperBaby (2) from my little corner of Lawrence, Kansas.

Creating food for my family is both interesting and challenging.  I love food.  I love to prepare food for my family.  Food is an event! I love baking treats for birthday parties (I have a little cupcake addiction), play dates, family gatherings and for no in particular reason at all.  Make no mistake, I am not a foodie.  My recipes are usually tried and true, but they are yummy, they are (mostly) healthy and occasionally they suffer a burst of my creativity.

I love my blog and I love to write but first and foremost, I am a mom.  I write about whatever is on my mind, whenever I can.  Sometimes life takes over and blogging falls to the bottom of my “To Do” list (right next to cleaning the bathroom); have no fear you can always find me talking to myself on Twitter and Facebook.



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