Services and Ad Rates

SuperJenn Rates

Effective 10/10

If you would like to have your advertising on this site please contact me. My rates vary and I am occassionally open to the barter system.

I will review products that fit into the current state of my family’s lifestyle or what I am writing about.  Reviews are only conducted when a like product is provided as a giveaway for my readers. My very honest opinion will always be provided.

Speaking or teaching a one hour class to a large group: $500.  Non-profit groups that can provide me with a copy of their paperwork will be given the rate of $350.

Privately organized classes with groups of between 4 -10 people can be arranged at a rate of $25/person.

Private one on one frugal living/coupon shopping sessions are available upon request.  Please contact me for more information.

I have a set amount of services that I will provide pro-bono each year.  When that limit has been reached I will not be able to provide any more free classes or speaking events.

Spokesperson Rates will be discussed on a case by case basis. Please contact me with the opportunity you have available.  My spokesperson resume and references will be provided when requested.

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