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My English teacher mother loves to write notes.  Growing up she would leave us notes in our lunches and our backpacks, she would replace our bookmarks with a little note….all so we would know that she was always thinking about us…and that what she was thinking was that we were special…and important…and that she loved us.


My mom still sends us notes.


 A funny comic strip that reminds her of us….an article she thinks I will find interesting.


revenge4usxMy mom and I have always held a dislike for the plastic doll and her freak-like proportions.  She felt a small bit of vindication at this news.



She sends mail to each of the kids as well: coloring pages, jokes, cut and paste activities.




Her very creative return labels are always in the corner and when I pull them out of the mailbox….I’ve got a big grin on my face.



I’ve made it a point to add some of that extra love to SuperBoy’s lunches over the last two years.  He always giggles.  I’ve heard other parents say they just don’t have time for that.  I’ve heard you can BUY notes to put in your kids’ lunches.  I take issue with this.  As is often the case with parents and kids:  parents think kids need more than kids actually do.  Kids don’t need a major production in their lunch box.  A sticker on their sandwich bag will both entertain them and make them feel special because you added a little something special to their day.

Now, if you are a masochist like me…you may like doing crafty things and you may want to put cutsie-pie notes in their lunches.  You may foster a neat idea in your head for a girlfriend party where you drink wine and make notes one night before school starts …. and it may take two years for that idea to come to fruition.  That’s okay too!


See where I’m going with this?


Yes.  For two years I’ve wanted to have a night with my girlfriends where we drank wine, gabbed and got our craft on making a stock pile of notes to send off in our kids’ lunches and school bags throughout the year.  I’ve never managed to get this done … until NOW!

Last week I had some friends over and we dumped out our collection of stickers, stamps and paper …poured several glasses of our favorite wine …. and went to work.


All the Stuffx


There are a few notes that got fancy-schmancy…. but mostly we just put stickers and googly eyes on little pieces of card stock and wrote little notes on them.  We made several that were blank so we could add a message on special days.  We had a really good time…and poured ourselves into these notes to brighten our kids’ days (and gossiped and laughed and reveled in each other’s company).








We spent less than $10 each on this project. I found packs of card stock that were just the perfect size at Michael’s which cost $3 for a pack of 100.  We used clearance stickers we had picked up and bought some cute scrapbook paper that was on sale.  And we had a really great time.

Like I said:  notes to your kids don’t have to be fancy…they don’t even have to be notes.  Stickers, smiley faces…even a lipstick kiss on a piece of scrap paper tucked inside their bag will make them smile.  But if you are craftily inclined….this might be a fun idea for you, too.







  1. I adore this idea! Saving this one for future reference…

  2. What a great idea. I love that it’s something simple to do that reaps huge rewards in love and priceless memories for our kids.

  3. I wish I would of thought of this when Haylee was little.. But I love the idea that your mom still sends you notes. I need to do that with my grown kids. :)

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