BlogHer ’12 Here I Come, Taking Pictures All the Way

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Next week I am heading off to New York City to attend BlogHer ’12 thanks to the Dodge Journey to BlogHer contest and my friend Emily from ColoradoMoms who chose me as her +1 for the trip.

I’m overwhelmed.  BlogHer is a BIG conference…nearly 4000 attendees.  In one hotel.  In New York.

There are parties, there are sessions and…its New York City.  I’ll be taking TONS of pictures.

Some of the pictures I’ll be taking will be head shots.

I’m not great at promoting myself….lucky for me, I’ve got friends who are.

When I was at Type A Parent Conference in June I had the best time taking head shots of my friends.  We got together and spent 15 -20 minutes laughing, smiling telling dirty jokes joking around and laughing some more.  The whole time I was taking pictures of their beautiful smiles.

Some of them were nervous, some of them were convinced they were unprepared to have pictures taken at that moment (but my hair!  but my make up!)…but the smiles were genuine and I was so happy that the beauty I see in them shined through and best of all….they were able to see it for themselves.

I swear, the feeling I get when someone sees pictures of themselves that I have taken and they are happy…excited even…. it gives me goosebumps and my stomach does little flips.  It makes me truly happy.


conference head shots   head shots

print head shots

head shots   professional head shots


Looks like fun, doesn’t it?


If you are looking for new head shots, whether you are looking for something casual for social media or professional for print media and you are going to be at BlogHer ’12 in New York City next week feel free to give me a shout and we can find a way to make our crazy schedules work.  (As a side note, my friend Molly has a killer conference planner that you can complete on your computer and print out….and she is giving away a Samsung Focus 2 at the same time…two kinds of free!)

Feel free to email me or send me a Tweet and we can talk some more about what you need!

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