Building Homes and Bringing Families Back to the Table in KC

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Two weeks ago I told you I was headed into Kansas City to participate in Libby’s Habitat for Humanity build in downtown KC,MO….. I thought I would share with you how it turned out!

Get Back to the Table is an ongoing campaign sponsored by Libby’s that is focused on bringing families back to the table to eat together.  The idea is that not only will you eat a more healthy, balanced meal if you sit together, but that it is good for the family to spend that time together talking and connecting.  You can read more about it HERE.

The Friday morning that we had scheduled as our work day was stormy….like thunder and lightning stormy.  ALL of the builds in Kansas City were cancelled…except ours.  I’m going to be honest…I was less than enthused to be heading out to build on a house in that weather…but as it was for a good cause and I would get to see some of my favorite Kansas City blogging buddies… I headed out the door with a smile.

We got shifted around and ended up heading to the two homes that were scheduled to be “blessed” on Saturday morning.  This means the keys are handed over to the families and a blessing is said.  There is still lots of work to be done after this point…but the reality of a new home sets in.

Our houses were side by side in a neighborhood that currently houses three other completed Habitat homes.  They aren’t just building homes for families over there…they are re-creating neighborhoods!


There was a lot of work to be done, truth be told by the end of the day I really wished we were working for TWO days… it seemed like we really got in the swing of things after lunch and I felt like we could have been REALLY effective on a second day there.  We worked on “finishing touches” in these houses, getting them ready to be shown on Saturday.  We installed door stops (easy enough), we hung doors (not at all easy), cut/stained and nailed down floor trim, cleaned cabinets, floors and tubs ridden with construction goo…. and the day simply flew by.

You can see lots of pictures of our work day AND of the House Blessing on Saturday if you visit Libby’s Table on Flickr.

If you aren’t already aware: Habitat for Humanity builds homes for families that might not otherwise have the opportunity to purchase a new home.  They get a lower priced home and help securing their financing, and they put in “Sweat Equity” on their home.  They help to build it.  There is a basic layout but the families are given options…a chance to have input…on their homes: the color of the tile, there are different options for the layout.

The family moving into House #1 above is a single mom raising her TRIPLETS!

The family moving into House #2 above is a single dad raising his five children (six, but one is 18 and not living with him any longer).

Both families currently live in rental housing/apartments.  They don’t have yards or their own rooms.  One of the things that Libby’s did as part of this project was to provide each home (and 10 others in Kansas City) with a fully stocked pantry full of Libby’s products and a dining room table/chairs and a set of dishes so that they would be prepared to sit down together to eat as a family in their new homes.

The day was exciting.  I got to work side by side with my friends…and see with my own eyes the difference that Habitat for Humanity is making in the Kansas City Community.


MomItForward and Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables sponsored my participation in this campaign.  I was paid for my time and my writing…but everything I’ve written is my own opinion.  It has to be.  I’m way to opinionated to let someone else tell me what to say.

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  1. Hooray, Jenn! What an inspiration you guys are!!! PS I love your disclosure ;)

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