Countdown to Disney: SeatBelt Pillows for the Trek

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 If you found this on Pinterest please feel free to visit my Etsy store to purchase the PDF pattern, DIY Kits or Pre-Made Seat Belt Pillows!


When we head to Disney our total stay will include the three days of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, Thurs – Saturday, and three-ish additional days, Sunday – Tuesday morning experiencing the magic on our own.  Having chosen to extend our stay, we have to shorten our travel time.  Add this to the “It costs HOW MUCH to fly five people to Florida?!” factor and you have a family of five with three kids six and under driving to Walt Disney World Resorts …from Kansas….in less than two days.

The first and largest piece of our trip will be driven overnight (by she who drew the short straw) and in an attempt to keep my kids as comfortable and therefor asleep as long as possible …. I decide to deck out their car seats with these seatbelt pillows.



I’ve seen such things around the inter webz….stores specializing in kid gadgets sell all kinds of versions of these…usually around $30.  Hmmm…. 3 kids x $30 …. we are starting to defeat the purpose of not flying.  I figured I could make them myself.  I toiled.  I stressed.  I analyzed.  Then I came up with the simplest pillows that the SuperKids have fallen in LOVE with…



I chose to make inserts and covers because, well…. my kids are droolers….. and SuperBaby still pees UP sometimes when he sleeps.  I wanted to be able to take the covers off and wash them.

I’m not a huge fashion designer, and this is the first thing I’ve sewn in over 15 years… so it is a no frills kind of project.  But you know what?  The SuperKids are THRILLED with their  pillows!



Due to the overwhelming and amazing popularity of these pillows (and how great they have been for my kids) I have opened an Etsy store, SuperJennCreations, where I sell a very detailed PDF pattern for these seat belt pillows as well as a teen/adult sized version.   I also sell DIY Kits complete with pre-cut and washed fabric, Velcro and PolyFil so you can make up your pillows at home.  If sewing is not your gig…. I will make them for you!  You can purchase fully assembled pillows as well.

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  1. Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog!

    If you read through the many previous comments you will see that I’ve addressed both of those concerns numerous times. It was a staged shoot, not a drive and I paid no attention to how someone else buckled him in…I am fanatical about doing it myself when we are in the car to drive.

    I’ve stated many times also how I came to the design w safety in mind and my own background in car seat safety….as well as input from professionals. I’ve also made every attempt to impress upon people that using these are a personal decision not to be taken lightly.

    Thanks again for visiting SuperJenn!

  2. I found the shreded foam at JoAnn’s. It was $5.00 a bag.

  3. I just finished making my 4th seatbelt pillow! This is so fun and easy. The kids LOVE picking their own fabric. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. SuperJenn,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful seatbelt pillow idea!! My poor son’s head always bobbs forward when he falls asleep in his carseat (which is every trip seeing as we live 20 minutes away from anywhere) and I have been looking for a way to make him more comfortable. Your seatbelt pillow seems to be the perfect answer for us!
    I noticed that your tutorial includes seatbelt straps. When using in a carseat do you strap the pillow to the carseat harness (if so, how) or does SuperBaby just hold the pillow?
    Thanks so much!

  5. SuperJenn,
    After reading further in the comment section I found the answer to my previous question. Sorry for the duplication and don’t feel like you need to answer – yet again – that SuperBaby just holds onto the pillow. Thanks again for the great idea! I’m making one tonight! :)

  6. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I am sharing this post on my blog later today as one of my favorite pinterest pins for February! We are planning a long trip in July, and I need one of these for my son!

  7. Thank you Nicki, that is so kind of you!

    Be sure to let me know if you have any questions when you start making yours :)

  8. Natalie,

    I’m sorry I missed your original question, I’m glad you found the answer. The pillows do need to be held when a child is using a five point harness. I found that tucking the ends in up by his head and then down between his leg and the carseat held it in enough so that he didn’t drop it.

  9. Did you remove the free instructions from this post?

  10. bout how much do the pillows cost for child

  11. How much fabric do you need

  12. Karen, you can see all of the styles on my Etsy store. The DIY kits are $15 each and the fully assembled pillows are $25.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Unfortunately, I did remove the instructions from my site. A few people ruined it for everyone when they copied my instructions/pattern and began to resell it and would not stop after I asked them to. At least when I sell the pattern I have more recourse to stop people from illegally profiting from all of my work.


  14. You can see when you purchase the pattern that you will need about 1/4- 1/2 yd for each pillow and insert.

  15. Can I get instruction in making the seat belt pillow? They look so cute.

  16. Thanks, Mary! The pattern for the pillows is available through my Etsy Store:

  17. I would like to buy 2 of your seat belt pillows I absolutely love! when my boys fall asleep there head always drops and this will help with that!. Message me the prices and etc. thanks

  18. I would like to buy 2 of your seat belt pillows I absolutely love! when my boys fall asleep there head always drops and this will help with that!. Message me the prices and etc. thanks

  19. My grand daughter, age 11, wanted to learn to sew. I had a project in mind that I thought she could handle. The seat belt pillow required little cutting and few straight (almost straight) seams. She was very proud to give these to her younger cousins.

  20. I tried to purchase your car seat and teen pillow pattern from the Etsy site. When I put in my zero balance credit card number, it gave me a message that the card could not be used. When I put in a different, zero balance, high limit credit card, I received the same message. I believe that they are fraud and collecting usable credit card numbers. I do want you pattern but they are not helping your cause.

  21. Sheryl,

    I’m so sorry you are having trouble. I only take payments through PayPal (which accepts all major credit cards) and I assure you they are a long standing, credible source. They are well recognized throughout the world for security. Did you go through the PayPal site?

  22. That is great!! I love that she made them for her cousins :)

  23. How do you actualy make it!?

  24. Where does it tell you how to make it!?

  25. Hey Jen ! I want to make this project but instead of a pillow case I’m planning on using baby receiving blankets that have been put away ,that way they are put to use and there’s stories in each of the blankets that can be told and the fleece blankets that are so cuddly I’m using as the top cover we have plenty of those so interchangeable will be no problem and the cost will defiantly be less .again Thanks for the pattern …God’s blessings and May his Angels spread their wings to surround ,protect and keep you and your family safe …love Josie

  26. These are great. I have 10 nieces and nephews who have tons of toys and clothes and clutter. This is a practical, useful gift that can be customized to each kid’s taste. Love it!

  27. Jenn, I finally made the carseat pillow from the very, very, clearly written instructions with illustrations that I bought last summer. :-) I had no problem at all following them and my great-granddaughter, three year old Lily, enjoyed the pillow on a long trip to visit her dad’s family for Christmas. When Lily’s brother gets old enough for a “big” carseat, I will make one for him. Thank you for making the pattern available. It is worth every cent of the price! Happy New Year to you and yours! – Louise

  28. I am looking for a seat belt pillow pattern

  29. Thanks for stopping by! You can find the pattern for sale on my Etsy store:


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