CVS Deal Week of 8/24

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I told you this was going to be a big week… I hardly even know where to start!! Since I didn’t get these done this weekend (my fabulous husband had a weekend full of birthday surprises!) … I will just post this link to The “Cent”sible Sawyer and to Slick Deals. I would just be repeating a combination of the info they have already posted. Tomorrow evening I will do my CVS shopping and post my deals for you along with coupon links and info. It is bound to be a HUGE coup this week and I’m so excited I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight!! LOL

Among these deals…don’t forget that you can do your $10 Kellogg’s rebate if you haven’t already… the Kellogg’s B1G1 deal will make this a great deal!

Happy CVSing!!!


  1. Will you post your CVS coup? I get ideas when I see that… sometimes the general list of deals is a little complicated on all of the mix and match options. Question- with the buy $15 worth of Maybelline or Garnier and get $5 EBs, does that mean $15 pre-coupon? I would assume it does. You’re such a pro at this!

  2. Oh most definately! I will post when I get home and can actually *show* what I did! This is proving to be a very big week…so hopefully I can get it posted tonight…if not…FIRST thing in the morning! My advice would be to follow the recommendations at Centsible Sawyer, Money Saving Mom and Slick Deals for rounding up your coupons and making sure you have everything printed that you can!

    Any deals at CVS are PRE-coupon. So yes…$15 worth of product before coupons…then use those coupons!! Present them in order like this to maximize your savings:
    1)CVS Card
    2)Any $$ off like $2/$10
    3)CVS coupons
    4)Manufacturers coupons

    You can also use one manufacturers coupon PER item…so if you get a CVS deal that is B1G1 …you can still use 2 coupons for the items…doubling your price off of the one. Make sense?

    ALSO…if something is B1G1 at the store…and you have a B1G1 coupon…BOTH items will be free! I will try to post about that when I list my deals…and I will post a letter from CVS headquarters that states as much!

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