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We are spending part of the week at my Grandpa’s as part of our Spring Break and loving every minute of it.  With SuperBaby’s new affection for all things water and hand washing related …we’ve been going through lots of soap during this visit.  The foaming hand soap dispenser on the bathroom sink was almost empty today so I looked around for something to replace it with. I found a mason jar on the kitchen counter labeled “soap”.  Hmmmm.

When I inquired about a refill, Grandpa informed me that he thought that was what was in the jar and that my Grandma had tried to refill the pump at one point but it didn’t work…so she dumped the soap into the mason jar.

Or something like that.

The point is…he didn’t really know what to do with it and so it continues to sit on his kitchen counter, a glaring reminder of what he has to learn to do for himself and one of the many “systems” my Grandma had that he is trying to decode.

So I taught him my secret for DIY foaming hand soap refills.

As long as you have an existing foaming hand soap pump this will take you about 2 minutes:

  • Pour 1 TBSP regular hand soap into the empty pump bottle ( a larger bottle like the Method one that I used today will need a little more soap, closer to 1 ½ TBSP
  • Fill with warm water leaving roughly 1 – 2 inches of space at the top.
  • Swish around.
  • Pump the bottle a few times to get the soap moving and voila! You know have a refilled foaming hand soap dispenser for pennies on the dollar.


DIY Foaming Hand Soap Refill, hand soap





  1. I do this, too! Found it on pinterest, and have been so excited ever since!!

  2. OMG!! I Just tried it using my favorite Trader Joe’s Lemon Kitchen soap and it works GREAT!!!! THANKS!!

  3. Great!! I’ve been thoroughly pleased trying it with all of my different soaps in my different rooms :)

  4. Hi,
    I’ve tried this method too, the soap work perfectly. The only problem I have is the bottle looks cloudy. How do you makes your bottle of soap looks so clear?

  5. Hmmm, I’m not sure what would make the bottle cloudy unless it is maybe your water? Have you tried using distilled water when you mix in the soap? That might help. Also be sure to start with a clean container… I know that sounds silly since we are dealing with SOAP …. but washing it out between fillings might help with that as well.

  6. I got a refillable pump just for this purpose – the kids were going through soap like crazy. Haven’t refilled it yet, but glad to know it’s so easy.

  7. Thanks! This worked great. So much cheaper. I’m excited that I can use scented soap to make the foaming hand soap. I will be letting everyone I know how easy this is.

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