Expired Coupons?

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As hard as we try….we can’t (and shouldn’t!) use all of our coupons before they expire. So what do you do with them when they are past their prime?

Military families stationed overseas could DEFINITELY use them! Overseas commissaries allow families to use coupons up to SIX MONTHS past their expiration date… so send them on!

Please be respectful of their time and really help instead of hinder: DO NOT send coupons that are more than one or two months past their expiration date. It takes a while for mail to reach overseas posts, be sorted and then distributed to families… if personnel have to sort through coupons to find the good ones vs. the bad ones…what a waste of time! It also helps if you sort your coupons into separate, smaller envelopes or clips in your package…at the very least sort them into food and non-food items.

This is just another great way to share the coupon love.

Coupon Mom has listed these bases as some that have made specific requests for coupons:

Thomas Leugers
box 1467
apo ae 09102

Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator
ACS-10th ASG
Unit 35115
APO AP 96376-5115

USO EuropeUnit
29623 Box 8100
APO AE 09096

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