Fitness Friday: THE BIG RACE

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If you follow me or the other two Wii Mommies on Twitter… you may have seen us tweeting with the hashtag #thebigrace with vague references to what we have in store….

Well the time has come!! The Wii Mommies are taking a short detour in our mission to Fitness this week…everyone has been working so hard…its time for a little play! In just 4 weeks we will be hosting a giant Mario Kart Race!

Starting this Monday, June 15th members of the Wii Mommies Forum can begin to register for The Big Mario Kart Race. What’s that? Not a member of the forum? What are you waiting for?? Not only will you be able to join in the Mario Kart racing fun…but you can get support in all of your fitness ventures! You don’t even have to be a Mom to join!

Here are some benefits to joining the Wii Mommies Forum:

* Support from nearly 750 members with goals just like yours: To get fit…to get and stay healthy!
* Tips and tricks as well as recipes that will help you cook for a more healthy you and your family!
* Your own personal therapist! Ok…sort of. We have an entire “On the Couch” section of our forum where you can look for support in areas not directly related to weight loss and fitness…but which absolutely affect your ability to accomplish your goals!
* Exposure! The next 8 people in our forum to reach over 100 legitimate posts will get their blog’s RSS feed routed straight into the forum. After that…it will take 200 posts to get your feed linked in.
* Don’t forget…access to the Greatest Mario Kart Race on Earth!!

Ok…so next week, Monday June 15 through Friday June 19th you can sign up for The Big Race.

In order to register and play you will need to following things:
* Be a member of the forum
* Have access to Nintendo WFC (internet access)
* Have a Mario Kart Driver’s License Number to enter at registration (see Julie’s Post)

That’s it!

Some of our details are up in the air…and will be subject to how many people we have register for the race. We will release You will be divided into teams of either 6 or 12.

Each team will have a Captain designated by the Wii Mommies.

The races will be run on the standard courses on the Nintendo Wii Mario Kart game. This way you don’t have to worry about unlocking courses or characters in order to race…and you will not be hit with a course you’ve never raced before (unless you don’t practice!!) when it is time to race.

All races will be VS races… no Coin Runners this time. We will run a cup series in order to determine winners and team Captains will verify the winners for us. Courses and series will not be announced until the day of the race! (Gotta keep it interesting!)

Here is the schedule:
June 15 – 19th : The Big Race: Mario Kart registration in the Wii Mommies Forum

Week of June 22nd: We will announce the number of participants and assign team captains.

Friday, June 26th: We will announce teams and “brackets”. A special section of our forum will be open that will list all participants by team and their Mario Kart Driver’s License Number. This will allow you to begin registering each other on the Nintendo WFC. We will register by DL numbers ONLY…not personal Wii registration.

Monday, June 29th: We will announce the actual dates and times of the races.

Friday July 3rd: Deadline to have your act together! You must have everyone’s DL numbers registered on your Wii by this point or you will not be allowed to participate.

Week of July 6th: THE BIG RACE

You can use the hashtag #thebigrace along with #wiimoms to tweet about this on Twitter. You can practice online with other members of the forum…and you can meet up with your team to practice once they have been announced. If you have questions or problems, tweet them or leave them in the forum and we will do our best to help you out!

Not a great gamer? Don’t worry! Neither are we!! Sarah has a great post that will get you started on Mario Kart Racing…with some tips and tricks to help bring out your inner Indy Driver.


  1. Yay, so excited! I finally ordered what I need to get online with the Wii so I'll be there! :-)


    (I mentioned this post in my FF post:

  2. I am looking forward to you kicking my ass repeatedly at this game.

  3. This sounds like fun! I'll have to get my rear in gear and get registered!

  4. This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait.

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