Fitness Friday/Maternity Mommies: Are We Done Yet?

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31 weeks and counting!!  This morning is my ob appointment and I’ll get my weigh in.  Two weeks ago…before I left for BlogHer I was 13lbs. from my start weight.  I’m gaining about 1lb a week… which is the general rule for this stage of pregnancy.  So why do I feel lousy?

Because I’m pregnant.  LOL.  That and my OB set a goal for me to only gain 15 pounds.  I’m not going to make it.  My own goal was 20lbs…I’m not going to make that either, I’m afraid…but I’ll be close.  If I continue at this rate I will have a total gain of 23lbs.  This should be amazing to me…not dissapointing.  TWENTY-THREE POUNDS.  That is a hell of a long way from the 60+ I’ve gained in previous pregnancies.

I’ve been derailed in my plans to exercise.  Contractions keep me less active than I would like.  I’m thrilled to be using the Personal Trainer: Walking for Nintendo DS because it is making me aware of exactly how much I rest and don’t rest…how sedentary I am.  But I’m staying on track with my eating.  This is a major accomplishment and a success due in no small part to the Wii Mommies and all of the support and accountability I have through this group.

So find my tweets, my posts… all based on keeping me healthy and on track in these last few weeks of pregnancy and beyond.  I need YOUR help as well…it is through the success and trials of everyone around me that I stay motivated … that I continue to see a goal at the end of this journey…one that seems obtainable.

That is what this is all about, really.  Support…friendship…accountability.  Without these things each of us would be fighting an uphill battle.

So…if you find yourself struggling to stay healthy, strugglingn to lose weight…check out Wii Mommies blog and forum.  You don’t have to be a Mom…you don’t have to own an Wii :)  It is a place to find all kinds of support and encouragement.  You can follow us on twitter through the hashtag #wiimoms .  Have a blog?  Post your trials…your successes…then link up with us on Fitness Fridays and get even more support from those around you.


  1. 23 pounds is not bad at all! I hope that;s all I gain but according to my last appt…I’ve gained 13 lbs but I think I’m closer to 17 now :(
    I still have about 9 weeks left.
    .-= Virginia´s last blog ..Freebie Friday =-.

  2. Amazing post, glad I stopped by to read it! Hope you will read mine, since you are the one who inspired me to write it this week ;-) Happy Friday!

  3. Pregnancy is so hard when it comes to weight gain! I’m almost at 35 weeks and have gained about 24 lbs. I’m hoping it will taper off as I near my due date, but even if it doesn’t, it’s still less than the 44 I gained w/my first son. As my pants get tighter and the pregnancy waist bands start to cut into my belly, I try to remind myself that some of this is “maternal stores” that will feed my baby later. With the first baby, I was so stressed about losing all that weight that I started to exercise too soon, and had a hard time breastfeeding. This time I’m going to cut myself some slack and just focus on the baby for awhile, and then focus on dropping the weight a couple months after the birth.
    .-= Jenni @ Life from the Roof´s last blog ..Da Big Ma =-.

  4. UGH – I wish I had found you gals when I first got pregnant. I have gained SO MUCH weight. I am presently 40 weeks but very much looking to get back into shape as soon as this baby is born.
    .-= Kelly Tirman´s last blog ..Maternity Leave – Day 23 =-.

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