Home Again

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After spending my weekend working and melding minds with my friends, I returned home.

I am tired.  I am really not able to think.

But I walked in the door to the happiest little faces and suddenly nothing else matters.

SuperBoy’s face lit up and he threw his arms around me …. then launched into great detail about the space ship he was building in the basement out of an old box from when we purchased our microwave last year.

SuperGirl woke from her nap slightly after I arrived home and still rubbing her eyes asked me to come to her room “Right away!” to see what had happened:

She had cleaned her room.  Nothing short of a miracle itself…. I was impressed she had worked on it when I wasn’t home.  “I keened my room so you would come back to see it!”

SuperBaby was the last one to realize that Mom had arrived … and when he came toddling out of his bedroom after nap he saw me and broke into a full run. “Mahmma! HOME!” He hugged me and crawled right into my lap….and made that his “Home” for the next half an hour.


We ate cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies and homemade twix bars for dinner while we watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Clause is comin’ to town.

I am so glad to be home again.

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