Listerine Oral Health 3 Week Challenge: Results

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Last month I wrote about the Listerine Oral Care Challenge for National Children’s Healthcare Month and how our family had accepted a challenge to brush and rinse 2x each day and to floss each day.  How did we do?  Well….it was a learning experience.

I learned that we cannot brush together as a family.  Our kids are too little and SuperDad and I are needed “hands on” to help with brushing…especially for SuperBaby who tries very hard:

children's oral health, brushing teeth


But just doesn’t quite get it right every time:


Besides that….have you ever put three small kids to the task of brushing their teeth together?  It starts off great:


kids brushing teeth, oral healthcare


Then they start to get silly:

oral care, kids, brushing teeth


Someone decides it’s funny to yell, “SPIT” and then everybody spit at the same time:

brushing teeth, kids, oral healthcare


And then…all hell breaks loose:

kids brushing teeth, oral healthcare


We learned that while SuperBoy is a huge fan of rinsing….. he can’t do it with me in the room because I apparently make him laugh and then, well then I have to clean the mirror.  I’m not a big fan of cleaning the mirror.

I learned that while I’ve been putting off rinsing for AGES…despite the repeated “suggestions” from my dentist….the Listerine Zero does not burn my mouth the way rinses have in the past.

I’ve been flossing religiously for a couple of years now….and while I gave it an honest shot…. I still prefer the Oral B floss picks over old fashioned floss on a roll.  I just can’t put my hands inside my mouth like that.  *shiver*

There is a lot of good information for both adults and kids at the Wal Mart/Listerine Healthy Habits site… take a quick look and find some useful information.  My favorite piece of information?  The one I think parents are misinformed about repeatedly…including by their own dental offices???  Is this:

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) recommends parents schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as the first tooth appears.

Not “by the time they turn three” and not “Before they start Kindergarten”…. As Soon As the First Tooth Appears.

Preventative care is essential for instilling proper oral health care habits in our kids.  I know that when routine visits to my dentist became….routine….(after many years of “fixing” what I’d done …or not done to them…)….visits became much more pleasant.  I can only imagine that children who are used to seeing the dentist when it isn’t scary or painful…will be much more inclined to take care of their teeth in the long run.


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  1. These pictures are incredible. You really know how to capture moments. Teach me, Obi-Wan! ;)

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