Little People Nativity Set $22.48

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I just got an email telling me about the Fisher-Price “Little People Nativity” is on sale at Family Christian Bookstore for $29.97. This is a $10 discount from its normal price (and almost $15 cheaper than its $44 Amazon price!). PLUS if you use coupon code 122501301 at checkout you get an additional $7.49 off!

I was really lucky to get one last year…AND on sale… because it is such a popular item. In the next few weeks it will either be sold out everywhere OR ridiculously overpriced because it is in such high demand.

This has the usual product quality you would expect from the Little People line…it is adorable! My kids loved this last year. SuperGirl was just turning two and would stand and play with it for the longest time. I think we were able to recover all of the pieces before it got packed away at the end of the Holiday.

This would make a great gift or an addition to a family decorating tradition but order it soon, these will go fast!


  1. Thank you Jenn! We have a breakable set which, as you know, is totally dumb to get out every year with a 3 yo and 18 month old. And this way we can play with the characters as we tell the story. Off to save some money!

  2. Does any part of this nativity set pose a possible choking hazard for an 18-month old child?

    Thank you.

  3. Does any part of the nativity set pose a choking hazard to an 18-month old child?

  4. Nope! These are the same as the toy sets Fisher-Price puts out. Safe and cute!

    **Just to be sure … pls note that this is an old post … the prices will be different. :)


  1. Family Christian Stores: Deal on Fisher-Price Nativity : Coupon Geek - [...] Thanks for sharing, Super Jenn! [...]

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