Little Things: He Made the Bed

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Turning down the sheets when its time to get in bed is something that gives me great pleasure.  I also thoroughly enjoy seeing my nicely made bed every morning.

There in lies the rub:  I almost never make my bed.

My bedroom is the single most neglected room in the house: always at the bottom of a never ending to-do list.

Last weekend I went kamikaze on our bedroom….it isn’t completely done but it is 8,ooo times better than it was.

Today when I got done feeding the kids breakfast and stumbled back into my room to get dressed (ok…to brush my teeth…I’m still in my pjs).. this is what I saw.  My husband had taken a minute to make up the bed before he left for work.

I’m such a perfectionist about things like this:  I like the tops of the sheets ironed so they lay flat, I like the pillow cases and the duvet to be wrinkle free, I want it made “just so”.  When I can’t accomplish all of these things (which takes a monumental alignment in the heavens) I always opt to not do it all:  If you can’t do it right…don’t do it.

What a DUMB thing to do to myself!

In the spirit of full disclosure:  My ridiculously over-the-top control freak self couldn’t even “snap” this picture without messing with the bed a bunch of times to make it look “just a little better” …because all of those things I listed above weren’t done.  I could KICK myself.

Today I’m grateful that my husband took the time to do this one little thing to brighten my day….and remind me of what is important and what is not.


  1. I think I know how you came by that “If you can’t do it right…don’t do it” thing. Sorry.

  2. Please.
    You are the person who inspires me to be better and better each day for my kids…the person who set the bar so high in “Mother’s Love” that at even half that much…my kids will be luckier than most.

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