Little Things: Homemade Bread

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Growing up, my grandpa made the best homemade bread.  My dad used to wait and wait for the day after Thanksgiving because he held in his mind’s eye the promise of that bread sandwiching leftover turkey and football on the television all day long.

Billy Buckley’s Better Bakery Bread.  That is what my grandpa dubbed it.  It was awesome.

A couple of years ago he introduced me to The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.  This book is full of amazing education on the science behind baking bread as well as wonderful recipes for all kinds of bread.

I recently decided I could no longer stomach paying $2 for a loaf of bread at the store …even more if I wanted something more nutritious. Even though I routinely make gluten free bread for SuperDad, I haven’t ever made an honest to God loaf of sandwich bread.   So I cracked open the book.  Upon Grandpa’s recommendation, I’ve been making this light wheat bread for the family and you know what?  They can’t get enough of it.

Much easier than I could have anticipated, I use my Kitchen Aid to knead it and then shape it and toss it in the oven.  The house smells heavenly, the fam gets more nutrition and I save a little money.

A warm steaming loaf of freshly baked bread cooling on the counter is just a little thing, but one I’m rather proud of.


  1. Phil started making bread several months ago: best. thing. ever.
    Yours looks awesome. That book might be a good gift idea for Phil. Thanks!

  2. Oh, it would be a great idea then! It is really cool because there is a lot of science … matter of fact info on how and why you do what you do … I love reading it. This particular loaf is SO easy…about 10 minutes of hands on time. I let it rise a little too long so its HUGE.

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