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Turning off of the interstate today to pick up some lunch for the kids I headed down the street with a Subway to my right and McDonald’s on my left.  I was steeling myself for the debate regarding sustenance of choice when SuperBoy piped up in the back seat:  “Can we go to Subway?  My tummy feels better when we eat there, I don’t really like McDonald’s anymore…”   reeling from the shock I hear SuperGirl pipe up “Yeah, me too!”

To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

As we picked out our sandwiches and the kids asked to go and pick out apples while I refilled their water cups…. I was thrilled with their decisions.  Decisions that I will allow myself to take partial credit for because while we have had the flat burger meal on occasion, I have made a conscious effort to discuss healthy choices with them…to limit their intake of sugar and gross processed foods and I have spent time talking with them about how their bodies feel after they eat! 

Your tummy feels yucky?  Do you think you ate too much sugar?  Maybe next time you should try an apple instead of a cookie.  Do you think you are really hungry for a snack? When was the last time you had a glass of water?  Did you know that your body can feel hungry when it really just needs more water?

I’m hearing some of these things echoed back to me around the house…and now I’m seeing it in their actions!

While the kids making the choice to dine and one establishment over another is a Little Thing, seeing an essential piece of my parenting efforts come to fruition most certainly is not.

Parenting #FTW!



  1. Bravo to you all.

  2. Thanks! Imagine when the whole “Pink Slime” thing came out …I tried explaining it to the kids …they were VERY grossed out!

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