Luck of the Draw

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When we moved into our new home last March, we found ourselves in a new school district.  A new destination for SuperBoy’s Kindergarten Adventure.

We were told repeatedly that we needed to request Teacher A.  She has been there for years… our neighbors with teenagers told us how great she was with their kids, friends with kids heading into kindergarten told us “You really should request Teacher A.”

We got Teacher B.

She seemed a little nervous at “Meet the Teacher” night…. her voice was shaky.

SuperBoy returned from his very first day to report that Teacher B was really smart.  I took note.

I volunteered a couple of mornings with Teacher B.  I was mesmerized by how she was melding those little minds.  She read to them with animation.  She taught them how to make graphs.  When they were loud she did a cool little clappy thing that got them all to quiet down and pay attention.  She said it was okay if SuperBoy wanted to bring his iPod to class to make videos.

When my mom went to visit SuperBoy at school on Grandparent’s Day she mentioned that Teacher B didn’t seem as organized as Teacher A…and Teacher A’s room looked much more “decorated”.  I told her that I didn’t think that much mattered….Teacher A had years of ideas stored away in her room….Teacher B had fresh ideas taking hold.

One day after school, Teacher A got very stern with me because I wasn’t moving out of the pick-up lane quickly enough.  SuperBoy was trying to get buckled in and I was trying to get Teacher B’s attention (as instructed per the school manual, kindergarten round-up, Meet the Teacher night and the first PTO meeting…) to let her know I was taking him home.  “Make Eye Contact with Your Child’s Teacher”.  Teacher A got downright rude and told me to get moving.

Teacher B continues to impress me.  My son loves her class.

Yesterday SuperBoy had an accident at school that involved his front two teeth being knocked out.  He was hurting, he was sad, he was worried about what he looked like and wondered if everyone would laugh.  In an email I sent last night, I mentioned these things to the school nurse, the principal and his teacher.

When I picked SuperBoy up today he told me all about the Tooth Fairy book they read during carpet time, about how everyone loses their teeth sometime.

At the end of Parent Teacher Conferences tonight Teacher B told us that she had asked her husband to dig up a picture of her from childhood and would be emailing it to us as soon as it came through.

We got that email….a school picture of a smiling 2nd grader who was missing her two front teeth.

SuperBoy’s eyes got wide…and a big grin spread across his face.

Be still my heart!

Teacher B will forever top my list of the best things to happen to us this year.


  1. Loooove Teacher B!!!

    Hope your little man is feeling better. Thanks for the story of a great teacher doing wonderful things in her classroom. It’s encouraging to hear about a new teacher who’s so engaged…effecting her students in such positive ways.

    ~ PattiLynn

  2. Thanks so much, PattiLynn!

    It was encouraging to me, too…beyond the direct impact that it had on my son. It was hopeful to see a teacher in action …. when my kid needed it no less… it helped me to see the bigger picture. I’ve been a little timid about school … about sending my kid off to let someone else influence him all day… I was afraid of him being lost in the crowd …. this has put me more at ease!

  3. Jenn,

    I love when this happens. I’ve heard of parents requesting a teacher, getting the other one and the new teacher ends up being a blessing in disguise. I’m SO glad that your little guy ended up with the hidden gem. She sounds like the kind of teacher I’d want for my kids.


  4. Aw tears are welling in my eyes because God obviously had that sorted out a loooooong time ago. I love the fact that she emailed him the photo of herself. Genius and kind.

  5. I believe so, too. This teacher was teaching her first year as a K teacher, and only part time. We found out at the end of school that she isn’t coming back, but that had been the plan all along because her husband was finishing school. SuperBoy is so sensitive and I really think her kindness made all of the difference with him this year.

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