Me Not Writing

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This is me, not writing a real post.

This is me, cursing the fact that I didn’t get one written earlier today.

This is me, cursing the brain in my head; riddled with ideas and creativity and blog posts that I can hear with brilliant clarity but discombobulated enough to keep any of it from coming to fruition.

This is me cursing the situation brewing at Penn State for filling my heart with a sadness that rocks every piece of my soul. The decomposition of humanity to a state where a coach being fired for neglecting his moral responsibilities as a member of the human race being inspires rioting by college aged children who want their voices to be heard and their coach allowed to retire with dignity…. all while ignoring the fact that no one heard the voices of the actual children who were stripped of all dignity, sense of safety and security because said coach is not the upstanding, amazing person everyone thought he was.



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  1. I pretty much have not been writing at all so I understand this.

    The Penn State stuff makes me so darn frustrated and upset also and even more so upset when people stand up for anyone allowing it. So freaking insane. Even if I did a lot of bad things in my life, knowing and not making sure that something happened to make this stop makes me a far better person than anyone in the Penn State organization that knew about it and I am sure it was a slew of people. Disgusting all to try to keep a program to look good…now they look horrible, it wasnt worth it. (and sometimes i talk to much when i am passionate about something)

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