Morning Rage

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This morning I left the house with SuperBaby and SuperGirl at 7am to get to an appointment in Kansas City by 8:30.  After a night of frolicking in piles of candy, I thought this might prove a little more difficult than the already seemingly monumental task, so I made preparations last night:

  • I baked up some eggs and sausage and stuck it in the fridge: ready for reheating.
  • I laid out their travel dishes with homemade granola bars and grapes already packed.
  • I set out clean travel cups, our morning medicines and packed up snacks into our bag.
  • The kids picked out their outfits and they were laid out at the foot of their beds.
  •  I packed the backpack with some books, headphones, an iPod, diapers and a new package of wipes.

When I woke up this morning I showered and got dressed.  The kids woke up and I slid them into their clothes…and no one argued.  I heated up the eggs and put them in the travel dishes while SuperDad carried the kids out to the car.  We were like a well oiled machine.

Driving off, I was rather pleased with myself….SuperMom, indeed.  Sipping my nice, hot, green tea I drove off down the highway.  SuperGirl dropped her cup as we turned a corner so at the next stoplight I performed magnificent feats of Mommy Gymnastics (an applicable sport for the Mommy Olympics) and retrieved the cup JUST as the light turned to green and the cars in my turning lane began to move.  I paused for a second to buckle my seatbelt as the car in front of me inched forward only to hear a ruckus behind me.

I was being maliciously honked at!  I wasn’t even holding up traffic!

The “kid” behind me (who was obviously a novice driver…couldn’t have been more than 26 or 27 years old!!) zipped around me as we turned the corner and his little birdie sang me a song to start off my day.  GEEZ!!!

Although feeling a little sheepish for being cursed at, I decided to let it slide.  This driver was  overtly reckless and  so very obviously single and clueless to true and urgent reasons to honk one’s horn at moderately slow traffic: kids who can’t “hold IT” , Moms who can’t “hold IT”, inconsolable crying children who want to go home and the ticking time bomb children who will explode and become inconsolable, much like in the movie “Speed”, if you drop below the magical mph requirement..

I continued on my way; singing along to Five for Fighting with my tone deaf 3year old as back up.

On the highway I relish the sunrise and am thankful for a fresh start to a new month, the change in the weather and the beautiful colors of fall.

Suddenly the sun catches my eye in the rear view mirror and nearly blinds me.

Wait:  I’m driving east.  The sunrise is in front of me.

What the fluffy kittens?!

A woman in a silver sedan has flashed her lights at me.  As she speeds around me (okay, okay, I was driving in the fast lane) she glares at me with such ferocity I have flashes of gratitude that I am not THAT person’s child, having forgotten to take out the trash or other such criminal offense that would warrant these daggers of death.

That person’s child?  Yup.  She had a car seat in her car, and she looked about my age.

Always quick to think on my feet I rationalized that this woman was so unhappy to be commuting to work every day, leaving behind her young family, that she had no control over the anger that seeped from her eye sockets.

It could not have possible been that I was enjoying life so much that I had forgotten to mind the flow of traffic and slowed to *gasp* merely 5 mph above the speed limit.

Could it?

The stretch of highway that I was driving is notorious for people driving like maniacs on their commute too and from Kansas City…. it had just been so long since I drove it at that time of day…I had forgotten what that morning rush could be like.  While my mornings often consist of stress: kids who won’t move fast enough, kids who move too fast, shoes that can’t be found, husbands that can’t find keys and grumpy attitudes that won’t be adjusted; I love that stress….and it loves me most days.

I cannot fathom beginning each and every day filled with that much stress, and facing that much animosity day in and day out as I headed to work.

I’m thankful today for my kids who drive me bonkers in the morning.  I’m thankful for my husband who works hard (and commutes every morning) so that I don’t have to.  I’ll take our morning rage over road rage any day.

Oh…and I’m going to try NaBloPoMo again.

You can stop laughing now….



  1. haha i hate getting out in the morning during morning rush hour. i try to avoid it at all cost but it happens sometimes and just like you said, those people are all over the place.

    i am also trying NaBloPoMo on both of my blogs, i have no idea what I am thinking!

  2. Yeah! Good luck to you :) That is a big undertaking!
    I started a thread in our Facebook group to list out our daily NaBloPoMo posts for each other :)

  3. So funny Jenn :). Yes, it is quite the feat to get up, get out, get to work or ANYTHING with kids by 830. Especially outside your own city. So to have some yahoo’s be so blatantly rude is just plan annoying. And you’re right, they are probably faced with being ‘docked points’ or something from their corporate boss for being late. That’s why I’m so grateful to have a job where I basically have an hour window I usually arrive in! It is ridiculous and I do my best to not take advantage of that but man, no matter how you plan, there is ALWAYS some hold up when dealing with kiddos. I am always baffled by the fact that why is it I’m up by six yet I can’t get to work by nine?! I mean, come on!
    Also, your story gave me flashbacks of our early morning appointments at Children’s downtown. Oh yeah, 630 a.m procedures are brutal for the whole family! So I relate to your sense of pride for actually accomplishing getting clean, dressed , fed children out the door and on your way. :). Great to see you today, wished it could be longer. We’ll have our chance soon :)

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