My Weekly CVS Coup!!

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Oh what a week it is. I did this shopping on MONDAY and am just now getting around to posting it all! Good Grief! No picture this week as it became more important to just put the stuff away!

In general…this week has been great for snagging deals…Spent $5 at Target…saved $60 … spent $50 at Dillon’s…saved $204…. and then, there is CVS:

I went in with $14ECB and came out with $12ECB. I bought $96.11 of merchandise for $7.56OOP. This is a 92% savings!

Again…I did this with no rainchecks, no extra $$off coupons and with my kiddos in tow, at dinnertime! I used to go late at night but that was getting a little taxing so I’ve been venturing with my kids…makes it a little harder, and I’m certain I don’t do as well, but it is a fair trade off…I’m not as tired and I get to spend more time with my husband!

So here it is:

Transaction #1
Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder $1.32
-On sale $2.99
- Used as part of $5/3 JJ coupon

Johnson & Johnson Vanilla Oatmeal Lotion $1.32
-On Sale $2.99
-Used as part of $5/3 JJ coupon

Johnson & Johnson Vanilla Oatmeal Bath $1.32
-On sale $2.99
-Used as part of $5/3 JJ Coupon

Just for Men $5.99
- On sale $7.99
-$2/1 Printable
(Can also use the $8 MIR found HERE making this a fabulous moneymaker)

Playskook Baby Wipes 80ct. $0.79
-On sale $2.79
-$2/1 coupon from recent insert

ECB Used: $10
OOP: $1.32
ECB Earned: $7.99 Just For Men Deal

Transaction #2
2 Kleenex w/Lotion $0.49/ea
-On sale $0.89/ea
-2 $0.40/1 coupons from recent insert

2 Loreal Beauty Tubes Mascara FREE
-On sale $9.99 ea
-2 $5/1 Loreal mascara coupons from recent insert
-$10/$20 Loreal catalina

ECB used: $1
OOP: $0.75
ECB Earned: $4 Loreal Deal ($2/ea mascara)

Transaction #3
2 Kleenex w/Lotion $0.49/ea
- On sale $0.89/ea
- 2 $0.40/1 coupons from recent insert

2 Colgate FreshMax w/Beads Toothpaste $1.99/ea
-On sale $2.99/ea
-2 $1/1 coupons from Beauty Handbook

Used $4ECB
OOP: $1.23
ECB Earned: $4 Colgate Deal ($2 per Colgate)

Transaction #4
*Major malfunction…let’s blame it on the kids. I thought the limit was TWO on the Just for Men …so I bought this. Umm…no ECB. Riiiight. The limit was ONE. So I can attempt to return it (my hubby is not THAT gray)…or I can just save it and submit the $8 MIR…this is still a moneymaker.

Just For Men $5.99
- On sale $7.99
- $2/1 Printable

Oral B Floss Picks $3.99

ECB Used: $7.99
OOP: $2.28
ECB Earned: $2 Oral B deal

Transaction #5 (Seriously?)

Huggies Pull Ups 26ct $5.99
-On Sale $9.99
-$2/1 Coupon from recent insert
-$2/1 CVS Catalina
*I will also submit this for a $1 MIR from Caregiver’s Marketplace. See my post about this HERE.

Gerber Graduates Crackers $1.86
-On sale 25% off

Gerber Graduates Cookies $1.86
-On Sale 25% off

ECB Used: $8
OOP: $1.98
ECB Earned: $10 Baby Deal


  1. Awesome! I can hardly wait until CVS comes here to the Bay Area!

  2. What’s the Catalina thing?

  3. Shanna – A catalina is a coupon that prints at the store…either on your receipt or on the little machine that you scan your card on when you walk in :) These are not exclusive to CVS…HyVee..Dillon’s..they all print catalina’s from time to time!

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