My Weekly CVS Coup!!

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Here it is….almost midnight and I feel like posting my finds tonight at CVS.

Let me start with my little disclaimer: My family has two CVS cards…1 for myself and 1 for my husband. I buy candy and goodies, etc. for his office (Rachel..if you are reading this…you KNOW he has to bribe the CAD guys!!!) so that is my justification for the second card! When I list my transactions…I will post card #1 (mine) or #2 (hubby). Each card started the evening with appx. $15 ECB.

Tonight I got $201.32 in product and spent $9.59. There was an overring of $5.62 that I will have to have corrected tomorrow…so my OOP should be $3.97 when all is said and done! I came home with $19 ECB on Card 1 and $17 ECB on card 2…ready for next week!

Card 1/ Transaction #1
5 12pks Pepsi Product $3/ea
5 Sobe Life Water $1/ea
1 Sierra Mist 2L $1/e
1 Essence of Beauty Clearance Hand Cream $2.49
- 5 B1 Pepsi 12pk G1 Sobe Life Water
- 1 B4 Pepsi 12pk G1 Pepsi 12pk
- 1 B3 Pepsi 12pk G1 Sierra Mist 2L
-3 $2/$10 CVS coupons
- $2/1 CVS Skincare
- $5.79 ECB

OOP: $3.66
ECB Earned: $3 Pepsi Deal, $2 Sobe Deal
**It is only now as I go through my receipts that I realize I was charged full price ($2.49) for the Essence of Beauty Hand Cream. This is supposed to be on clearance for $0.62. This happened three times tonight so I will have to go and get a refund tomorrow.

Card 2/ Transaction #1
2 Old Spice Deoderant $3/ea
-2 $1/1
2 Stayfree Pads $4.50/ea
-2 $1/1
KY Liquid Beads $10.99
- $2/1
Playtex Sport Tampons $4.99
Essence of Beauty Clearance Hand Cream $2.49
-$2/1 CVS Skincare Coupon
3 Buddies Bath Soap $0.99/ea
2 Trial Size Schick Disposable Razors $0.99/ea
-2 $2/1

-3 $2/$10 CVS Coupons
- $10 ECB

OOP: $2.61
ECB Earned: $3 Playtex Deal, $5 Stayfree Deal, $5 KY Deal, $1 Old Spice Deod Deal

Card 2/ Transaction #2
Caltrate 600 $9/ea
-$2 instant coupon peelie… YEAH!!
Centrum Kids $7/ea

-$2/$10 CVS Coupon
- $10 ECB

OOP: $0.29
ECB Earned: $5 Vitamin Deal

Card 1/ Transaction #2
2 Stayfree Pads $4.50/ea
- 2 $1/1
- B1G1
Revlon Eye Liner $9.99/ea
Revlon Lip Gloss $8.99/ea
-CVS B1G1 Sale ($8.99)
- 2 $2/1
- $2/1 CVS Coupon (printed when I got there tonight…YIPPEE!!)
Fleet Kids Enema $1.99/ea
Playtex Sport Tampons $4.99/ea
- $1/1
Essence of Beauty CLEARANCE Hand Cream $2.49 (I’m getting VERY irritated as I type this over and over)
- $2 CVS Skincare Coupon
- 3 $2/$10 CVS Coupons
- $7 ECB

OOP: $1.94
ECB Earned: $2 PediaLax Deal , $3 Playtex Deal, $5 Stayfree Deal

Card 1/ Transaction #3
2 OB Tampons $4.50/ea
-2 $1.50/1
EPT Pregnancy Test $17.99
- $3/1
Almay Eye Shadow $7.49
Almay Eye Makeup Remover $5.69
- CVS B1G1 Sale ($5.69)
- 2 $1/1
CVS 25ct Cotton Rounds $0.99
- $2/1 CVS Skincare

-4 $2/$10
-$20 ECB

OOP: $1.09
ECB Earned: $5 OB Deal, $5 EPT Deal

I hope this is accurate (its so late) and I hope it makes sense! Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a picture of my loot!


  1. You are lucky – our CVS was out of almost everything, so all I got was the Playtex sport and the Revlon. :(

    That is hilarious about Eric bribing the CAD guys. :)

  2. I may have to start driving to your town just to go to CVS! I’m so jealous! Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Hey…plan a little Dillon's trip while you are here….whadya know…its suddenly worth the gas!! LOL Word on the street is that they are building a second CVS in town…maybe over by the new (albeit totally unneeded)Walmart on 6th & Wak :)

  4. Okay. My $50 worth of groceries for $3.50 pales in comparison to your coup. I’m still learning the CVS process, so thanks so much for posting your deals!!!

  5. But you did really well Shanna!! It took me a couple of months to “really” get it… and I still make mistakes…case in point last night when YOUR phone call saved my sorry but from making a monumental Kellogg’s mistake! LOL

  6. Wow, great job. You did super.

  7. I’m a newbie at this cvs thing. One thing i’m having a hardtime with is the coupon printing…ie the sabe water coupons. You are only allowed to print 2 each time, how do you ladies manage to get 5? Any clue would be greatly appreciate. =)

  8. Jenny.. you are right…you can only print two coupons…. PER computer!! LOL I have two computers at home…and when there is a SUPER good deal… I send my hubby the links and make him print them off at work to :)

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