National Chili Day?!

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I saw a Tweet this morning from Tidy Mom announcing that it is National Chili Day! I’m so excited by this.  Today is rainy and cold…and not so little ice pellets just started falling from the sky.  She gave this yummy sounding recipe for White Chicken Chili that I want to make RIGHT NOW; but alas, I have not enough of the ingredients.  As it turns out, I’m also short on milk for both SuperBaby and SuperBoy so at SOME point I have to run to the store…what is another 3 items (cannellini beans, broth and cream …if anyone is running to the store interested)?  Oh right: rain, little ice pellets, two sick kids.  DAMN.

Well, if you are interested in having some yummy chili today check out her recipe… and if you are going to the store…pick up some ingredients for me?

Here are two other recipes that I LOVE  … just to give you options :)

Vegetarian Chili : With or without the soy crumbles this is my tried and true chili recipe.  I LOVE it and it is very healthy.

Slow Cooker Southwestern Chicken Chili This is a very good chicken chili that will make your house smell fantastic all day while it cooks!

*Disclaimer* If I was a really good blogger I’d have some great pics of a big bowl of chili to warm this post… but I don’t…and I’d rather post than not because I think I’m “going to” get a pic… someday.

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