New Shoes for Spring from Earth Footwear

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Without exerting a whole lot of effort, I’ve managed to slim myself down over the course of the last year.  While I am no where near the shape I was SEVEN loooong years ago (gravity is not my friend) … I am finally resting at my pre-ANY baby weight.  I’ll take it.

A few weeks ago SuperDad convinced me that it was time to buy myself some new clothes at my very favorite store, White House/Black Market.  I was giddy, ecstatic! I wrote a post.

So I have these fantastic new clothes just burning a hole in my closet…waiting to get worn out on the town…. or perhaps to Disney in April for the Disney Social Media Moms conference.  But I was having some trouble with the shoes.

Enter Earth Footwear.  The wonderful women at Global Influence and Bookieboo, LLC (the fabulous behind Mamavation) offered me the opportunity to review a product from Earth Foothwear’s new spring line…. with their new “positive heel” and their more affordable pricetag.  Win on both accounts!

I’m going to admit straight out that when I received the shoes I was not overly thrilled.  The style that was sent to me is not one that I would pick up and try on in the store….honestly,  I wouldn’t even give it a second glance.  I put off trying the shoes on for a bit…but when I did I was so excited about the positive heel that I started to take a second look at the shoes overall.  When I began to pair them up with some of my new clothes, I was more than surprised (and pleased!) to find that they would round out the outfits nicely!  (My mom used to tell me over and over not to discount clothes until I had actually tried them on…. she’s right again!)



Versatile shoes are always a plus, so I tried them out with a more casual outfit….plain ol’ jeans and a black tank top.  An outfit like this I can wear out for lunch with the girls or, if the star align, out for a fun Girl’s Night Out!



Earth Footwear is known for its “negative heel” shoes.  This new line has a “positive heel” that allows for some height without putting your feet through the trauma that high heeled shoes often do.  I love high heeled shoes but they do not love me.  With the onset of fibromyalgia during my pregnancy with SuperBaby, high heeled shoes are something I save for a rare occasion.  An occasion I will have time to recover from the next day with sore feet and legs.  These new Earth shoes have a padded heel to displace shock, a reinforced arch to help stabilize your feet and a multi-density latex cushioning layer for extra support.  These shoes were sounding better and better.

Sure enough, I can wear these shoes without feeling that swelling and aching in my feet that I normally get when I wear shoes with a heel.  Yeah!



You can learn more about the new Earth shoes by visiting their website and following them on Facebook.

To help celebrate this New Year, New Wardrobe New Earth campaign, Earth Footwear is offering up an amazing giveaway: you could win a trip to a Special Place on Earth, Free Shoes and $$ by clicking this link and entering today!



I was compensated for this post by Global Influence  as part of a Bookieboo LLC campaign w/ Earth Footwear and received a free pair of Earth Shoes for the review.  These wonderful people know all too well that I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….and they continue to hire me anyway.



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