Overstock Sale – Lawrence

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Sale - Bags

What on earth is an overstock sale?!  Well…if you are in Lawrence your chance to find out is this Saturday from 7am-2pm.

An overstock sale is like a garage sale…only you are buying items that a fanatic couponer has purchased and has no room for.  I don’t normally post ads for people…for garage sales or any other sale…but this sale is that of a very good friend of mine.  I know, for a fact that all of her product is brand new and I know that she has fair prices.

If you like the idea of stocking up…you like the idea of saving money…but you haven’t had the time to use coupons on your own time…take advantage of someone elses efforts!  Buy name brand product at a deeply discounted price. She will also have a few garage sale items…some toddler boy and girl clothes, women’s clothes and an X-Box.

This sale is Saturday, August 15 from 7am – 2pm at 127 Pinecone Dr.  This is in the Pinetree Townhomes two blocks south of 19th & Haskell.

Great way to save  yourself some money…maybe have a few extra bucks for a margarita at The Sandbar :)

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