Playing With the Sun

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I’ve been playing with the sun a little bit lately. It is much more difficult than it would seem….to photograph a sunset. The various degrees of light….trying to adjust your exposure…

Add to that the fact that I took these pictures in my car, pulled over on the shoulder of I-29, while it was freezing cold outside and semi-trucks kept whooshing past and scaring the crap out of me (not to mention making the ground and my camera shake)…. I think I did okay.  Click on the photos to get a larger view …they look a little better that way. (I said a little….what do you want?!?!)

These photos were all taken from the exact same spot….over a course of about 20 minutes. I changed my angle, my zoom, my ISO, aperture and shutter speed…. but sat in the exact same spot.

They also have very little post processing. Obviously. They are sort of very dark…. I’m still not getting the hang of post processing….but I think that comes after I get the hang of the whole taking the picture thing.




I like the tiny details of life below the vast expanse of sky…. the small farm and the old school iron bridge….




The small pools of water that show up in thanks to a little reflection of what is left of the sunlight make me happy.  Even more so….. the layers of clouds that give the picture a little bit of an illusion:  looking closely you could swear there were mountains in the distance….. there aren’t.





The ferociousness of the storm front that worked its way through sunset was awesome in of itself, add to that these rays from heaven showing promise behind the fury…. goosebumps.


My favorite of them all.  Behind the storm and right as the sun is ready to slip from sight, this is like two pictures in one:  If you focus on the top…these clouds look like a winter scape to me, drifts of snow blown smooth across the prairie.  On the bottom you see the sun set and those illusive mountains (which are nothing but more clouds in the distance).





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  1. Amazing work – with your descriptions I see what you see!!! Thanks for sharing!

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