Plymouth Church Plant and Bake Sale THIS Saturday (5/7)

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Tomorrow is one of my favorite events of the year … the Plymouth Church Annual Plant and Bake Sale!! If you are planning to purchase plants for your yard or garden this year come by and browse the selection.

You can also purchase some super fantastic farm dirt to add to your garden or flower beds…the first year we added it to our garden we were amazed at the difference it made! (If you come early enough you can even have your dirt served up by the amazing SuperDad himeself!!)

Not interested in plants?? Check out the fantastic spread of baked goods for sale…. you know that is where my donation is going :) Look around and you are likely to find a yummy Cinnamon/Sugar Orange Coffee Cake, Homemade Gooey Twix Bars, Rice Krispies Treats Scotchies and Chewy Cinnamon Raisin Granola Bars all courtesy of… moi.

Kids can be entertained in the Kids’ Station while you browse the goods and while you can certainly bring your own to ensure you have one, little red wagons will be provided for the lugging about of your purchases.

Check it out!!

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