Fitness Friday Product Review: Your Shape

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Your Shape Game

One of the many, many great things about being a co-founder of the Wii Mommies is that very often I have the opportunity to review the latest and greatest in virtual workout software…for free.  Yesterday I received a copy of the newYour Shape game courtesy of Ubisoft.

I just started my post-baby workouts and journey back to fitness this past week…so you can imagine me gimping around my house with sore muscles.  Monday I broke out the Your Shape and not only did I get a great workout in….I found some motivation.

Your Shape is a game that utilizes a small web cam that interacts with your Nintendo Wii.  I clipped mine to my sensor bar on top of my television.  The camera will lead you through a body scan…then “Your Shape” is up on the screen.  Looking at myself….REALLY looking at myself…was huge motivation to get this party started!

After the scan the game walks you through your goals…you pick your target areas and address what type of goal you have…”Burn”, “Tone”, “Strengthen”.  You are led through a fitness test to asses your current level of fitness, then the game builds a customized workout for you.

YourShape Customize

You also have the ability to address “Special Challenges”…or special goals that you want to set for yourself.  I was so pleased to see that there was one for new moms!  The one missing piece to the virtual fitness software that I’ve tried is that none of them address pregnancy or post partum fitness.

YourShape Special Challenge

What is so interesting is that you are working out while watching a split screen of you (from the camera) and the virtual trainer.  The camera “watches” you and will give you feedback on how well you are working out.  For instance…if you are doing lateral raises and you aren’t really getting your arms up there….the virtual trainer will let you know.

YourShape WatchOut YourShape Good

You are working out without the Wii Remotes and getting some real feedback at the same time!  You set your calendar of workouts and the length you want your workouts to be…and you’re off!

The thing that makes this game so much different from the others is the real time feedback.  One of the problems that MANY of us face is that we work out and we work out and we feel like we aren’t really making any progress.  The sad truth is, we might not be.  If you are working out…but doing so incorrectly…you may not be burning the calories you think you are…you certainly won’t be strengthening the muscles you think you are…and you have a lot of wasted time and energy as well as a growing level of frustration.  The camera scan and side by side visual workouts give you the opportunity to make the most out of your workout!

I am excited to see what happens with this game…and with the scan of myself at the end of 6 weeks.  I’ll be combining Your Shapeand Wii Fit Plus on my off days for the EA Sports Active: More Workouts 6 Week Challenge.

Want to read more from others working on their fitness and weight loss goals?  Have a goal of your own and want to share it with us and get some support?  Head on over to the Wii Mommies blog and check us out.  Then join us on our Ning community to meet some incredible people and hopefully find some motivation!

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  1. Yes yes yes…I so jealous LOL… It is now on my wish list…moved to the top…hmm maybe..want the new EASActive more too…oh man!
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..Fitness Friday: Stress…Does It DO A Body Good? =-.


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