Random Tuesday Thoughts: Its Been A While

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Not sure how long its been since I did Random Tuesdays…maybe not that long…seems like forever….

Time is flying by me over here and I’m sort of wandering through life half dazed…half asleep and praying for the end of this pregnancy.

In the meantime…my other two kids are growing so fast I feel like every day I’m amazed at some new thing they are doing or saying…. and when, pray tell, did they get old enough to be sneaky?  In preparation for Baby #3 we moved Lil and B into the same bedroom…got them bunkbeds.  We don’t have a mattress for the bottom yet so Lil is still in her crib (with the side off) … which sort of defeats the purpose entirely… anyway… they no longer nap very well because they are too busy keeping each other awake.  She climbs into his bunk and wakes him up if he goes to sleep first and vice versa… the sneaky part is that when we go in to tell them to lie down… they both hide whatever toy they have under the nearest blanket and hit the bed as fast as they can to pretend to be asleep.  They are 3.5 and 1.5!!!

Brendan is using big words like “enormous” and “ridiculous” …and it sounds so funny coming out of a little guy’s body.  He also told me the other day “I’m jus’ messin’ with ya, mom”…grreeeeaaat.

They are both big singers these days.  In the van they will sing their little hearts out to They Might Be Giants: Here come the ABC’s.  Lilli doesn’t know all of the words … or really any of them…but gets some of the letters and ALL of the intonations right which is hysterical.  As if I don’t have enough issues with pee… I laugh so hard when they sing sometimes that I might just pee myself one of these days.  Lots of “huhmmm..hunnhh….DOUBLE-YOU! THEN THERE”S DOUBLE-YOU..hunnnh hummh hum hunnh” ….freaking hysterical.

Genetics is also something I’m thinking a lot about…the wonder and amazement of it all as I wait to see what #3 will be like.  My dad used to have this HORRIBLE problem smelling like garlic whenever he had any at all… I remember my mom being completely disgusted…. she said it would seep out of his poors.  I think Lilli has that problem.  The girl must have had some garlic in her beans and rice at lunch out with Daddy the other day because garlic is all I could smell for the rest of the day…and night…. and it wasn’t her breath.

Eric turned on a television show the other night, “Renovation Realities” …I’ve never seen it before but I laughed so hard it hurt my already irritated uterus.  This couple…who is having a baby in like 2 weeks… decides to renovate their bathroom completely…and wants the project done in 4 days.  It quickly becomes apparent that the dude has NO CLUE what he is doing…comments like “Oh, gee…I hope this isn’t a load bearing wall” as he is swinging a sledge hammer… and there is no way this chic was really pregnant because she was calm and clueless and kept saying what a great job he was doing….and she let the tile guy convince her that she only needed 6 tiles for her shower…? Huh?  In the first 5 minutes of the show…Day 1 of the renovation…she is up early to start…he is sleeping in…she starts throwing up…(which they get on camera)…and still she is not yelling at anyone.  There would have been BLOODSHED at my house.  Granted…Eric is running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to finish up our DIY’s…(tiling kitchen floor…finishing edges on hard floors and putting in transitions,etc) …but hey…at least he’s been dragging this out since March…he didn’t get the bright idea a week ago.

My dogs are driving me insane.  INSANE.  There is so. much. dog. hair.  And they smell. And they are becoming incontinent (I use the word “becoming” loosely).  And they are loud.  And they wake the kids and us up every morning way too early.  The oldest one paces around and pants at like 4:30 in the morning until you let her out…if you don’t let her out she poops on the floor…right in front of the door.  Strangest thing…. she can open the screen door to let herself back in after she goes out….but can’t manage to do the same to get out there in the first place?  Who knew dogs could be passive aggressive.

That’s all I have for today.  More than I thought…amazingly.  I’m not even going to reread to see if it makes sense.  If you want some truly hilarious and random writing to enjoy….go and visit Keely at The UnMom.  She is uber fantastic and delicious.


  1. I hated being heavily pregnant during my last month of pregnancy and just counted the days off until I would finally give birth… A year later, I wish I were pregnant, at least that way, I can somehow manage to hold on to my son… He doesn’t get tired this one, sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with what I feed him, then again, we all eat the same thing and yet he never gets tired and we do!

    Your kids sound so cute! I remember my 7 year old being such a know it all when she was like 3… :D

    Reality Shows nowadays are so freakin hilarious because it’s so obvious it’s all scripted…

    2 kids already and you have dogs? No wonder you’re SUPER JENN… :D
    .-= Ane´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts: Random Fun* =-.

  2. We have this show called Relocation Relocation here in the UK. There are two estate agents who help a couple realize their dreams of relocating to other parts of the UK or abroad finding houses for them in their price range and target new areas, I love watching the couples hem and haw about the other houses. And there was this one mother/daughter couple that were looking to open a pub after living a busy career lives in London…oh that one was a hoot when they saw the living accomodations over the pubs!
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..RTT- I’m Late (not that kind of late…boy that would suck) =-.

  3. I bet he looks just like his favorite Aunt Julie ;)
    .-= Julie@Momspective´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts – Long Weekends Eff Me Up =-.

  4. Let’s just hope he doesn’t smell like me…

  5. I’m with ya on the genetics thing.

    Happy Tuesday!
    .-= Harriet´s last blog ..The September Comment Challenge =-.

  6. Stopping by from The Un Mom:

    Just be glad that your dogs don’t smell like garlic. There is nothing like wet dog smell, but I’m sure that if it smelled like garlic I may not like eating garlic as much.
    .-= Chris (AKA: CaJoh)´s last blog ..F2: Pie Pie Pie =-.

  7. Oh my the little ones are so funny, cute and sometimes annoying..yet they are to precious and adorable not to laugh at them everytime they say something like “I’m jus’ messin’ with ya, mom”! Hilarious:))) Happy Random!
    .-= Niky @ Design It Chic´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts! =-.

  8. I don’t think our guys will every figure out everything we need to know about the superior sex but little vignettes like this sure help us have a little better insight even if we are wired differently.

    As a retired Marine I feel like I’ve got my fair share of courage but compared to women such as yourself who raise kids and hold the family together, well you’ve got metal and my respect.

    Maria and I have been together 21 years now and I can’t believe how time’s flow by. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without her steadfast devotion and dedication to building our family together.

    As our oldest son is now a freshman at KU and soon to be married this coming June I’ve got more than enough to reflect on and be greatful that I had a faithful mate in the trenches with me.

    Thanks Jenn for being you!

    With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank

    You might also get a kick out of checking out FrogDocs.com and looking for our coffee there too – you might be surprised.
    .-= Hank´s last blog ..SemperToons Retail Store NOW OPEN =-.

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