Random Tuesday Thoughts: I Finally Figured it Out

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She emptied my dishwasher.

I’ve had a DAY.  More like 5 days all wrapped up in one.  I seriously thought it was Saturday night a few minutes ago and realized that it was, in fact, still Monday.

Right before Christmas my dear friend Aprile had the kids and I over for lunch and her husband had the unfortunate experience of running a T-Bone on my minivan, parked securely in their driveway.  I felt bad.  They have insurance, we made arrangements and I finally got around to getting it fixed … TODAY.

The plan was to take it to Kansas City, pick up the rental car and come home.  We left half an hour late…big surprise.  I was pretty pleased with myself for getting the van cleaned out before we took it in…fairly certain that the mechanics at O’Neill Honda would not want to deal with mounds of half – finished coloring book pages, random socks (SuperGirl likes to de-sock herself in the car)…the occasionally snot rag and errant shopping receipts running amok.

I digress.

We head to Kansas City…about a 40 minute drive to the Honda dealership.  We get there…they call the rental car company and I go wait patiently in my car.  I’m in an strangely calm mood.

Then I begin to dig through the diaper bag for my driver’s license so I would have it ready when the rental car arrived.  I dug, and I dug…and yet…. no license.  I’d left it at home.  There was nothing to do but turn around and go get it.

That’s okay…this was the only thing I had planned for today.  No sweat.  I have a DVD player in the van and my kids REALLY like Sonic.

Drive back to Lawrence. Stop at Sonic and pick up lunches for the kids.  Drive all the way across town to our house.  Pull in the driveway as SuperGirl begins to shriek “Iiiiiicccckkkkyyy!” and proceeds to spew vomit all over herself.

Again, I’m calm.  Odd? Yes!  I clean her up…comfort her…grab my driver’s license, a plastic bowl and an extra set of clothing and head back out the door.  We drive BACK to Kansas city… SuperGirl vomits again as we pull into the dealership.

And AGAIN…I clean her up.  Its a little worse this time.  I change her clothes and clean everything up.  Transfer all car seats to the rental van… slyly stuff all of the vomit evidence into empty Sonic bags and slide them into the back of the rental van praying that the nice man picking us up would not notice.

Fill out paperwork at rental place.  Kids screaming.  SCREAMING.  SuperBoy doesn’t feel good….SuperBaby is starving and sick of his carseat.  The rental van has no DVD player.

And yet, I’m calm.  I drive to a parking lot and pull over.  I feed SuperBaby and we are on our way home.  Kids all snooze for a short period during the trip.  We get home safely…. six hours after we left the first time.  I’m still able to get dinner made and a load of laundry done.

I’m baffled.  This is NOT NORMAL for me.  I should be freaking out…stressed to the max…cursing my husband when this CLEARLY has no trace of being even remotely his fault….  but I’m not.  I know that because I was calm my kids were happier…and handled the situation better.

What could it be?

I finally figured it out:

She emptied my dishwasher.

Last night our sitter unloaded our dishwasher and put away the dishes for me.  I didn’t realize this until I was fixing breakfast this morning.  It was such a pleasant, happy surprise.  Having an empty dishwasher in the morning is one of my household-chore fantasies.  It was random.  It was nice….and it set my mood for the day.  I truly believe that I was calmer and able to take it all in stride…not simply because the dishwasher was empty…but because of the random kindness and the pleasant surprise it added to my day.

And on other random notes: Bella Swan irritates the bejeezus out of me.  I cannot stand the self-loathing weak woman that she is.  It is very irritating.

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That is all.

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  1. So I have a few things…..I know imagine that.

    First , in my husbands defense……..he was only going about 3 miles per hour when hitting your car. hehehehe.

    Second, She always unloads mine. I have begun to expect it….bad habit especially since I leave full so I don’t have too ;)

    Third, Bella Swan only gets worse……..in my little ol opinion. I don’t think she really ever turns it around for me. The other characters make the books worth it.
    .-= Aprile´s last blog ..Monday with the Millers =-.

  2. OMG! Sounds like you had a crazy day! Glad to hear your sitter unloaded your dishwasher. I’m sure that made your day a lot better. I hope your kids are feeling better and you get your car back soon.
    .-= Cascia @ Healthy Moms´s last blog ..Understanding Your Dreams – What They are Trying to Say and Do For You =-.

  3. I knew you just like to take things out on me when I have done nothing wrong!!… ;) Never to blame…

    So sorry for bean bag tossing (ha, I made a funny!). I’m just glad I wasn’t there, as we might have more than a sonic bag to stuff away if I heard/smelled her go. eeewwwwyyyy

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