Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’m Randomly Back

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I have blogged like twice since Ryan was born six weeks ago. Crazy. My new project, Shop Talk with Jenn and Julie, has been keeping me busy, but hey… they pay me, its easier to make time for them :)

I’ve decided to try to make use of the iPhone WordPress app to try to get some stuff done. Lookey me!! I’m writing on my phone now.

My babies are sick. All of them. It rots. Oldest has the flu, middle is a walking cesspool of green nasal excretions and SuperBaby is wheezing and barking…hoping it’s not RSV.

I don’t like typing with my thumbs but I DO like writing while Ryan snoozes in my arms. Ahhhh, mommy blogging.

I bought a ticket to Blissdom…terribly excited about that.  I’ve been looking at plane tickets…something crazy like $112 from Kansas to Tennessee… I need to buy it…can’t decide whether to fly in Wed night or Thurs morning…extra sessions…blah blah blah… by the time I decide I will probably spend the $125 I would have on an extra night on the new ticket price…. *sigh*  I’ll be bringing SuperBaby with me… all 5 months of him… anyone know a sponsor who would want to help foot the bill?  I wear slings…I use cloth diapers (ok…I HAVE cloth diapers…used them exclusively with #1 …still in sposies to date for this guy)…. I breastfeed (ok…kind of… I’m having to supplement with formula)… oh wait….I’m guessing sponsors would want someone who actually WRITES IN THEIR BLOG… that wouldn’t be me as of late…. I have ever intention of making this my return…. we shall see.

Coupon deals have been outrageous lately…. wonder when they will end…after the first of the year?  They always seem to take a sabbatical…

I love the return to Standard Time…. I love early dark evenings…can’t wait until it is dark in the am too… check back with me in the spring I’ll be telling you I love the return to Daylight Savings.  In the meantime something about the dark fall evenings makes me want to bake and cook…. if only I could find my kitchen beneath the rubble.  Did I mention I have several (ok 10) months of rubbish to clean up in my house? 

I AM amazed at how wonderful it feels to be able to get up and DO things…instead of thinking about them and wishing they were done…knowing if I did them I would have contractions or be so exhausted I’d be out of commission for the rest of the day.  Its AWESOME.

DH is getting “The Big Snip” this week.  Wednesday, actually.  I’m very confused by the fact that this makes me sad.  I DO NOT WANT MORE KIDS….three is KILLING ME… I’m too old to have more…my body can’t take another pregnancy…and my mind couldn’t take this last one!!! So why am I sad?  Dunno.

Be nice…sign up in the linky here… I will do my Honest to God best to get back and leave a reply….I think I can do that from my iPhone :)  Then head on over to The UnMom and visit Keeley…. she is cool as hell…I miss her.


  1. HUGS Jenn…sick little ones are rough…it takes forever for the germs to be gone it seems. But they(our kiddos) are worht every ounce of energy we spend on them and every gray hair that comes in. :)
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeding´s last blog ..A “Wii”ly Good Time =-.

  2. Oh what the frig?! I’m supposed to be the only Julie in your life! *sniff*

    I thought I started another ambien-induced project I didn’t remember :)
    .-= Julie@Momspective´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – Now THIS Is Adorable =-.

  3. Is there an early flight on Thursday you can get? That’s what I’m doing. Flying in Thursday morning. Hoping to grab some sessions. Saves me an extra hotel night and another night away from the kids. Wish you were closer so we could fly out together. How fun!

    Hope you are all feeling better soon! We’ve missed you. Type with your thumbs when you can! hehe

    Let me know if I can help you in any way w/ the blogging.

    .-= Jaycie´s last blog ..Another Printable CVS Coupon?! $5 Off $20 =-.

  4. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/11/05/Rocket-Fuel-Found-In-Most-Powdered-Infant-Formula.aspx — just in case you wanna check your formula they’ve got Ryan on

    I had the same reservations w the Big Snip, but it’s just how we’re made, I think. That “empty womb” feeling. I got over it!!!

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