Random Tuesday Thoughts: Help Me Rhonda: I Want to Be a Hobby Mom!

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I’m not sure I’ve ever come out and said it on the blog before…I make no qualms about it in real life… I’m Bipolar.  Manic Depressive.  One. Crazy. Chic.

Okay… its not that bad.  Anymore.  I’ve come a long way in my *gulp* 35 years.  Far enough to know when enough is enough and its time to step up to the plate and take the big girl meds.  Its that time again.  I was hoping to hold off until SuperBaby was 7 months old…but that isn’t going to happen.  I’ll have to be happy with six months.  But that is neither here nor there….nor the point of this tale.

The point of this tale is that it is time to take the meds again so I call up my trusty med doc (well….CNP actually…but whose counting?) to get an appointment and a new script.  Her name is Rhonda and she’s great.  I call her cell phone and she has is set to go straight to music until she either answers or you get her voicemail.  You know what song she has playing?  Beach Boys.  “Help Me Rhonda…Help, Help Me Rhonda”….just the chorus.  I explode into giggles every time.  Especially because she has a very serious voice and demeanor.  Now I walk around the house with my own little mantra….kids getting on my nerves? I find myself humming “Help Me Rhonda”.  Then I start giggling all over again.

When Brendan was my only child and I was not yet pregnant with Lilli, I had a dear friend who used the phrase “Hobby Mom” in reference to people with only one child.  She was very quick to explain herself and she meant no ill will …. (I love you dearly Danna….this is just a very poignant moment in my life)… and I was not offended.  A little put out…but I totally understood…I just thought it didn’t apply to me.  After all…. I am an open minded person with no rose colored glasses.  I understood completely that having more than one child was going to be difficult. *INSERT MANIACAL LAUGHTER*

Yeah right.  I WISH I had known then what I know now.  I wish I had understood fully and completely the beauty of having one child.  Now,  I love having three kiddos…they are all beautiful…they are all spastic, clever and adorable.  I would die without them.  HOWEVER….the ease and beauty of life when there was just one … *sigh*.  I want to be a Hobby Mom.

**Disclaimer: Moms of one…don’t get bent out of shape.  Its a different kind of hard when you have just one…because you are learning it all…and that is HARD… its just not the same kind of hard as wrestling three kids under 4 to the ground every time you want to get out the door….


  1. Great Random!
    I think I’m going to have ‘Help Me Rhonda’ stuck in my head for days now.
    .-= Christina @RantRaveRoll´s last blog ..IT’S BETTER THAN BELLY BUTTON LINT =-.

  2. My sweet sweet friend. Thank you for your braveness. I know it must be extremely hard to think of putting yourself off (waiting until 7 months) . I admire you for being bold enough to put yourself first. All of us moms have heard that a happy mom is better than a burned out mommy, but rarely do we listen, but you actually did it!!! Bravo!!!

    You are an amazing mom despite your challenges and struggles…..I mean come on you make your own baby food and don’t allow your children to have suckers with corn syrup in them. Two places I fail. You are the only mom I know of three kids ( similar spacing to mine) and I receive encouragement from all your triumphs!!!

    Thank you for all your love and support. And thank you for letting me be part of your life!

    Help Rhonda!!!
    .-= Aprile´s last blog ..3-15-10 Monday with the Millers =-.

  3. The more kids I had the crazier I got :) Happy RTT!
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Coffee please =-.

  4. Holy moly look at my woman! Rockin’ the Tuesday thoughts! I am kissing you from SC.
    .-= Julie From Momspective´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts – I’m Funny =-.

  5. I must say I was a so called “hobby mom” for 10yrs and not only did I have one child only but I had an easy child. He slept not only all night but would sleep 10hrs every night and then still take a 2hr nap after lunch each day. If I hadn’t had to work and be away from home 11 hrs a day working to support us I would say these years would of been pure bliss. Instead though I was exhausted all the time. Up at 5am packing the diaper bag bundling the baby for -40 below weather to drive to the sitter to then commute to work for 9hrs then commute back to the sitters to do the same to rush home feed the baby, give him his bath rock and sing him to sleep, then dash to the kitchen to do the dishes then to the laundry room to whirl that just to drop into bed at 10pm exhausted just to do it all over again the next day.And remember my child slept through the night so when I would go shopping on the weekend to get groceries or the post office to pick up the weekly mail or pay bills and see a mother of three children under the age of five I wondered “how does she do it, how does she manage it all. When my son turned 10yrs old I became instantly a mother of 5 more ages 4 to 12 but that’s another whole story lol I’m just glad they were not all under the age of five~!!!!
    .-= Rhonda Martin´s last blog ..Alice in Wonderland Prize Pack Giveaway @ Mommy Goggles =-.

  6. Rhonda….moms who work outside of the home…and SINGLE moms who work outside of the home…that is an entire different post! Hats off to you for determination….stamina…and perserverance!! Not much of a “hobby” :) I just sit back and sigh some days wishing for those days when it was just me and B :) It was so quiet then!!

  7. Wow! What a post!!! Everyday I think about you and the handful that you have. Everyday I wish I could be you… but isn’t that everyone’s plight, the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side!!! You are very strong for coming out on how difficult it is, 3 kids under the age of 5. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be manic AND being a mom of 3, you are strong, stronger than you give yourself credit.

    I go to stay at home and home schooling mom’s houses everyday and by far the most difficult age is under the age of 5. They very commonly find friends to take them or a play group to put them in so they can go about their daily chores. Though, I’m the mom who would do anything to be at home… thus the plight of the green grass.

    Finding more “ME TIME” is exactly what you need. I love you bunches and keep up the good work with those kiddos.

  8. Heeyyyy heyyyy I chuckled so heartily at this post — it made me have warm fuzzies to see my name, too, haha. These really ARE the tough years. I hear my friends of older kids lament “the older they get, the harder it gets.” I think it’s a front. B/c I have a 9 yr old now, & though she is sassy & can totally see we have trouble in the teen years ahead, I’m sorry but wiping butts constantly & snot & literally BEING the arms & legs & everything else for several people is NOT easier. No.

  9. I died laughing at the Rhonda story- so hilarious. What a great sense of humor she has.

    And I love that you are brave enough to share your story. Kudos.

    My sister is a stay at home mom with three kids- 6, 3, and 2. They make her crazy, but I am constantly amazed at her patience.

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