Single Serve Horizon and Silk(Soy) Milk less than $1 ea

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When we go on trips in the car I like to have these single serve milk cartons on hand. It makes a good treat in the car (it is the only time they get chocolate milk!) and when I’m spending the night somewhere with SuperBaby… I don’t like having to get up and warm up milk in the middle of the night; single serves are perfect for that.   On sale at our local grocery these never drop below $1/each …and the Soymilk (SuperGirl doesn’t do dairy) single serves are NEVER on sale so these are a great deal!

Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Milk, Chocolate, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 18) $16.50.  This alone is a great price but when you buy them with Subscribe and Save you will save an additional 15% (and automatically receive free 2 day shipping) dropping the price to $14.02 or $0.78/each.  (Buying  these on sale, at the store this still saves me $3.96).

Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Milk, Vanilla, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 18) $16.50 or $14.02 with Subscribe and Save.

Silk Soymilk, Chocolate, 8.25-Ounce Aseptic Cartons, 3-Count Pack (Pack of 6) $20 or $17.00 ($0.94/ea) with Subscribe and Save.

Subscribe and Save is a great way to save yourself an extra 15% and get free shipping, even if you aren’t going to spend the $25 for Super Saver Shipping.  If you aren’t interested in having your purchase automatically reshipped to you per your subscription….simply log into your Amazon account and go to “Your Account”.  There you will find “Manage Your Subscribe and Save Items”; this is where you can cancel your subscription.  You can do this anytime after your purchase ships (if you do it before it ships, you will lose the discount).  I set an alarm on my phone for the day after it is supposed to ship so that I don’t forget.



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