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Wordless Wednesday: Super Strength

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SuperBaby showing off his Super Strength at the pumpkin patch.  He tried and tried to pick this pumpkin up while I knelt there and snapped away taking photos. I hope he holds no ill regard … I did eventually help him and we did decide all that effort deserved taking the pumpkin home with us, at the least.

On another note…he had his first big boy haircut on Saturday downtown at the Barber Shop with SuperBoy and SuperDad.  I held him as all of those tufts of fluffy baby hair fell into my lap and nearly choked trying not to cry.  I don’t think they allow crying at the Barber Shop. Now he looks like a big boy.  Cute.  But not my baby anymore.  My uterus hurts.  THIS is why my husband took control of our “situation” right after SuperBaby was born.  We would SO be on our way to number 4 by now.


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