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$6 Soft Plush Character Toys at HauteLook

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I told myself I wasn’t going to blog all of the insane toy deals that come across my inbox this year.  Last year I was so inundated by them that it actually started to make me feel gluttonous and yucky… even though I wasn’t buying all of the stuff I posted…. it just got to be too much.

But then I see super cute things like these 8″ Giggling Lola Dolls for $6 on Haute Look (thanks, She Saved!) and I think “Ooooo….that is such a good deal and (insert SuperChild) would LOVE it!” … and then I want to share.

Because I share.  Everything.

We loooove all things Charlie and Lola in this house.  If you haven’t seen the show or read the myriad of super cool books you should check them out.


So here it is:  HauteLook has a sale today on Kids Preferred soft toys.  Several cute Charlie and Lola options (Plush Sizzles the Dog, pose-able Charile and Lola, Color Me Lola as well as Eric Carle plush toys, Spot the Dog, The Snowman and lots of others.

These would make good stocking stuffers, baby shower gifts or a nice little addition to your “Oh-No the Birthday Party is in an Hour and We Still Have to Pick Up a Gift” stash :)

You have to register at HauteLook to see/shop for these, but it’s free…and they have cool stuff.


**Whenever I see what looks like a good deal, I like to take a quick peek around and see what the typical price is … so I know if it is really a good deal or not.  This particular plush doll (Giggling Lola) goes for around $15-18… $6 is a GREAT deal!**

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