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Weekly Menus: January 31 – February 5, 2011 The “Snowmageddon” Edition

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The weather predictions say “The WORST snowstorm in YEARS”….”ICE”….”DOWNED POWER LINE” (ours are underground)….”INCHES UPON INCHES OF SNOW” …. all of these forecasts have no doubt doomed us to a few measly inches and maybe a pretty little drizzling of ice.

None the less… I’m ready. Just in case. We made it to the grocery store tonight; kids were asleep in the car so SuperDad circled the parking lot while I did a mad dash shop to make sure I wouldn’t have to worry about it later this week.

Sunday: Skillet Ziti with Chicken and Broccoli

  • An “oldie but goodie” recipe in our house.  I first discovered this on Amy’s blog a couple of year’s ago and we all love it.  I use penne instead of ziti because that is what I have around.  I bought up 3 or 4 jars of roasted red peppers almost a year ago on sale for around $1/each…a GREAT find for this rather expensive culinary “treat”.  Chicken breasts I got at Target with my Gold N Plump mailer coupons and a rather expensive head of broccoli because “Due to Weather Conditions around the country….” BAH.  We all love it and it was gobbled up in a flash.  Just enough left for SuperDad to take to work tomorrow.

MondayVegetarian Chili, Great Grandma’s Cornbread

  • This recipe was a staple when I tried out the South Beach Diet yeeeears ago; before the beginning of SuperBoy.  I recently made it for the family, instead of just myself and the kids snarffed it up.  They actually asked for it again!  I figure the middle of this “alleged” snow storm will be the perfect time to make it again.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend $4+ on veggie crumbles…even with a coupon… when I have a freezer full of ground venison; but I’m trying to cut out some of the meat we eat SO… I may make it without any ground anything…. we shall see.  I have beans, tomato sauce and spices all on hand.  I had to pick up a couple of peppers which I will be sharing with a breakfast recipe.

Tuesday: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Salad (and if they are lucky…some biscuits)

  • I make my meatloaf loosely based on a recipe I got from my friend Julie.  I use a box of StoveTop and 1cup of water mixed with a pound and a half of venison.  That.Is.It.  Bake it in the oven for about an hour and we are DONE.  I bought eight thousand boxes of StoveTop during a sale at Target a few months back (okay…not eight thousand…but a lot.  So much that when we were getting our house ready to put on the market I actually had to pack up my StoveTop.  And my cereal.) We have potatoes on hand so I will make the mashed potatoes from scratch and I bought a bag of “Manager’s Special” romaine lettuce this week for half price!

Wednesday: Tacos and Mini-Taco Cups

  • The “mini” part of this menu is my “What’s New For Dinner” for the week.  I found the recipe over at Hoosier Homemade. *WARNING: Do NOT visit this website unless you can safely lose yourself for hours on end.  This is a ridiculously wonderful site!!*  I have the venison and taco seasoning.  I have leftover sour cream from last week and I always have salsa on hand.  I picked up refried beans and tortilla “scoops” at the store as well as some Roma tomatoes which I can split between the salad on Tuesday and these tacos.  I also have soft and hard shells on hand in case SuperDad doesn’t fancy the idea of eating a million little taco cups to satiate himself :)  Look for my post on Thursday to see how this new recipe idea turned out!

Thursday: Leftovers

  • Either we will have been snowed in for a couple of days and I will be recovering, cleaning house and doing laundry from our slovenly retreat…. or we will have no more room in the fridge again from all of the cooking we’ve been doing.  If all else fails…we have sandwich meat and bread.

Friday: Tilapia, Butter Noodles and Green Beans

  • I buy the best frozen fish Kansas can provide from Aldi (I might be exaggerating a bit).  But seriously; I used to purchase fish from Schwann’s…when I broke up with my Schwann’s man cut Schwann’s out of our budget a couple of years ago I discovered that the frozen seafood at Aldi was right on par and MUCH less expensive.  I can buy a package of 5-6 individually frozen Tilapia or Wild Caught Salmon for $3.99 at Aldi.  My kids have grown up eating fish and they all love it.  Baked in a pan sprinkled with dill is our favorite way to fix tilapia.  I picked up two packages of Knorr Noodles for $0.50/each (I know, I know… this is a heavily processed week) and we have a bag of frozen green beans on hand.

Saturday: Brinner!!!

  • Brinner has been a long time coming.  Usually we rotate this into our menus as often as pizza (which gets an every other week billing) ….but it has been a loooong time since we had a good brinner.  Pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, fresh fruit salad and yogurt is our standard fare.  If SuperDad is feeling adventurous he will whip us up some hashbrown potatoes as well.

In addition I’ve got the fixin’s for some homemade macaroni and cheese when we have friends over for lunch on Thursday (if we aren’t suffering a new ice age); ingredients to make us a warm apple crisp one night; and I’m looking to bake a few goodies to keep on hand for the kids (granola bars, etc).

Do you have a weekly menu posted?  Sharing is a great idea for us all to find simple, new ways to keep our family dinner table a more interesting place to be!

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