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Stretch Island Fruit Leather 30pks $8.92 Shipped ($0.30/ea)

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One of the things I’m doing to help myself stay on top of things this semester is to stock up on healthy snacks for the kids.  I’ve got several dates marked off on the calendar when I not only have to keep my kids going … but provide snacks for soccer games, preschool, insert activity here….

We have completely eliminated dairy from SuperGirl’s diet and while it’s not 100% gone from SuperBaby’s … it will be before long.  This means I need to have snacks on hand for when we go somewhere and (Insert dairy laden snack) is provided.  I was NOT prepared when we went to “Meet the Teacher” night at SuperBoy’s school and they were serving: Ice Cream.  Poor SuperGirl had to sit there and not eat any while the myriad of children around her devoured theirs. (Next year I’ll drop off some SoDelicious before we get up there!)

ANYWAY …. I’m keeping my eyes open for deals so I’m not running to the store at the last minute.  Today on Amazon I found Stretch Island Original Fruit Leather 30 pks. for $8.92 shipped! That is roughly $0.30/each …. about half of the cheapest price you can buy them individually at the store.

StrawberryRipened Raspberry, Orchard Cherry, Grape, Mango and Apricot fruit leather are all part of the same sale.

When you visit Amazon, you will see the price listed at $10.49.  The price drops to $8.92 and Free Shipping when you pick “Subscribe and Save”.

“But I don’t want shipments of fruit leather at regular intervals!”  Neither do I!

Click “Subscribe and Save” and you can pick the interval you would like to have the shipment delivered.  I usually pick a longer period like 3 or 4 months.  Once your order has shipped, go to “Your Account” then under “More Order Actions” you click “Manage Subscribe and Save”.  From there you can cancel your subscription...but not until the order has shipped to you or you will not receive the discount or the free shipping.  I always set a reminder alarm on my phone for three or four days after I make my purchase to go and see if it has shipped and make the cancellation so I don’t forget.


Thanks, CouponGeek, you’re always looking out for me!

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$25 Haircut at Hair Experts via Groupon

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Today’s Groupon deal for Lawrence is $25 for a Cut and Chemistry-Shot Treatment at Hair Experts!  This is a great deal…and happens to be my salon of choice.  A chance to get your hair cut and revitalized ..for $25! If you are new to Groupon you can Sign Up Here.  Never been there?  Call and ask for Andrea…she does a GREAT job!! Tell her I sent you :)

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How Strong is Your Coupon Character?

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One of the relevant points of using coupons to save money is the art of stock piling when you get a good deal.  A lot of times, even if it isn’t something they will use a lot of, people will buy a large amount of one item because it is such a good deal…or because of what they get out of it (gift cards, extra bucks, points, etc).

I was thumbing through the ads tonight and noticed that one of the “$5 Gift Card with Purchase” deals at Target this week is KY Yours and Mine personal lubricant.  This item designed for her pleasure is on sale for  $14.99 and there are several different coupons available… you could get this for a final price of around $5 …normally $20.  That is a great deal.

But just how good of a deal?  I’m wondering how many people have enough strength of character (see how I worked that one in today?!) to but 5, 6, even 7 packages of KY Personal Lubricant just because it is a good deal?  I’m fairly hard to embarrass but I can promise you that I couldn’t walk out with that much lube and not be mortified.  My backbone is not that strong.  I do not have that much hutzpa.

The hardest purchase I’ve had to make to date was a LARGE quantity of pads from CVS a couple of years ago.  Some were for me (uh…I was PREGNANT) and the rest I was planning on donating.  I don’t remember the details but I’m sure it involved seeing exactly how many items I could purchase at CVS while paying only pennies and walking away with enough Extra Care Bucks to rule the Universe.  The deep shade of scarlet on the male, early-college years cashier led ME to be embarrassed. In an attempt to be witty I was bumbling on about how I know it looked funny but I promised this wasn’t all for ME … ha ha ha.  I’m guessing pure, agonizing silence would have been better.

Another embarrassing purchase was no deal…but necessity …. SuperBaby was, oh, 3 months old, and I lugged my post partum self along with an infant, a toddler and a preschooler into the store to purchase … a pregnancy test.  Baby crying, older two misbehaving (it was probably their nap time)… the cashier actually said to me: “Oh please tell me this isn’t for you”.

Soooo…. what has your most embarrassing purchase been?  Has there been a time when you have laid it all out just to get a good deal?  What about now?  Now that I’ve laid down the proverbial KY gauntlet…anyone going to take the challenge?

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BabyLegs Discounted: $75 to 75% Off!

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Right now you can get $75 worth of BabyLegs for $18.75 on the BabyLegs website!  If you shop the clearance section and spend at least $75, use code WINTER75 to get a 75% discount on your order!  We LOVE BabyLegs at our house and I’m resisting ordering more …. (only because we have so many already!) They have some cute socks in the clearance section, too!

If you’ve never seen BabyLegs before you are missing out!  I first got some when SuperGirl was born and she is STILL wearing them (She Turned 3 at Christmas!).  They were great under sleeper gowns to keep her legs warm and still keep diaper changing easy when she was a little baby, when she started moving around then were extra protection for her knees, and now that she is Miss “I will only wear skirts and dresses” I can have her put on her “Long Socks” and it keeps her legs warm…and no unfortunate potty incidents because she couldn’t get her tights off fast enough.

Hurry over, I’m sure they won’t last long!

Thanks, SheSaved and Penny Pinchin’ Mom!

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Shopping for a Baby? Here are a Few Deals

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Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station $57 down from $79.99 + Free Shipping(Thanks, Coupon Geek)

Evenflo Farmyard Mega Exersaucer $39.98 (reg price $69.99) + Free Shipping

Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat $223.99 – save $56 off original price + Free Shipping

Fisher-Price Take Along Camera Digital Monitor $127.50 down from $169.99 + Free Shipping

TadPoles 48 piece Pink and Brown PlayMat is $24.50 down from $25.99 BUT…get it now while it is on Lightning Deal and get it for $18.99!  Just click the “Lightning Deal” button on the right sidebar to get the additional discount.

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