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Found Money

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I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about “Found Time”…. this time I’ve got “Found Money” (on a side note…. if you say “Found” enough times…even in your head…it begins to look and sound weird no matter how you phrase it …. #random).

I made the unfortunate decision several years ago to sign up “Black Tie Service” at Best Buy when we purchased our first iPhones.  It seemed like a good decision with small children at home:  $15 a month, per phone…. for full replacement/repair should something happen to them beyond the scope of Apple Care.

When nearly a year had passed and we upgraded those phones to the iPhone 4 ….. we assumed that the “Black Tie” service plan would be cancelled.

It wasn’t.

Once we figured out that we were still being billed for the service plan, we had more miscommunication: I thought SuperDad was taking care of it, he thought I was… and somehow when I saw those $15 charges each month… I would think:  “I wonder what he bought at Best Buy?”


So now that I have upgraded my phone a second time since I first purchased that service plan that covers a phone I owned two phones ago…. and I still haven’t ever gotten around to cancelling the plan.

I called once and was on hold for so long that I simply couldn’t take it anymore: kids screaming, places to be, diapers to change…..

Last weekend I admitted this deep, dark secret to a close group of friends …. who lovingly proceeded to hound me several times each day this week until I got the damn thing cancelled.

There is no way to cancel this service online.  I had to sit on hold on the phone, again.  After 32 minutes I was able to talk to a customer service agent who was so very kind and pleasant to work with…..she even laughed light heartedly at with me as I fumbled through my disorganization that was the recollection of this financial debacle.

And you know what?  She not only cancelled the service … she refunded us the money from the time we purchased the iPhone 4s (4es?  4ss? 4²?).  I now have “Found Money”.  Money I didn’t have, money I won’t spend unnecessarily again.


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