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What Are You Worried About NOW? Child Identity Theft, Of Course

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SuperDad has this idea in his head that I am overly protective of our children.  He also thinks I’m a little dramatic.  And on occasion he subscribes to the theory that I worry about things that will never happen just so I have something to worry about.  I may or may not have heard the phrase: “Drama Queen” muttered under his breath once or twice.

Some of that is true:  I DO worry about our kids.  I worry about all of those things that “will never happen to us”… because “us” is a very undefined term.  I would say I think about things that could happen… that is more accurate than to say I worry about them.  I don’t sit up late at night wringing my hands together, concerned that someone will kidnap my child out of her room.  I do, however, shut the windows at night because it occurs to me that since she is on the ground floor, blocking access to her room might be a good idea.

I hold strong to the belief that if I allow myself to think about what might happen, I will be more prepared to deal with it if it does happen.  Less caught off guard.

Since I began working with Identity Guard on their mission to educate people about child identity theft, I’ve been thinking about it a LOT more myself…about how it could affect my children, how devastating it would be to their lives.  This is a very real possibility that this could happen to them … only this is a situation I can act on instead of just worrying about.

When I first brought up this subject with SuperDad, he rolled his eyes.  He started at the television when I started to talk.
I got mad.  I may have huffed a little.  And then I walked off.  “Whatever.  He never listens to me.”

Then one morning he stayed home with the kids while I went to Kansas City and did a live interview on the subject.  I talked with them about what child identity theft was, about Joe Mason’s efforts at combating child identity theft and we talked about how parents could take that first step towards protecting their own children by claiming a free Child Identity Theft Protection Kit.

A few days after that interview, SuperDad nonchalantly brought up the subject again.  “What is that thing you’re doing …about the kids’ credit reports?”  Well… um… not quite…. but I’ll let it slide.  The point is… he was suddenly interested and willing to talk.  I’m not sure what changed his mind:  maybe he watched me with the kids on tv and was therefor subjected to what I had to say without a chance to argue with me, maybe it was that he was of the impression that if they were willing to talk to me about it on tv it might just be important.  I’ll give him more credit than that , I’m guessing he had a chance to let the idea sink in and was more ready for the conversation than when I first sprang it on him.

So we talked.  We worried for a little while, then we decided to think about it some more.  Even though he was willing to talk, SuperDad still had some left over “that will never happen to us” in his system.  I am much more ready than he is to do what it takes to make myself feel better about preserving the dignity of their financial futures.  I think we are working our way to an agreement, it might just take some time.  I often forget that while a thought or an idea has been mulling around in my head for quite some time, these ideas are much newer to him.

If you are interested in learning more about whether or not your child is at risk for child identity theft, I encourage you to sign up for a free Child Identity Theft Protection Kit.  There is a lot of information in this free kit including:       

  • Quick Start Guide to Child ID Theft: The consequences of child ID theft are staggering. Get all the facts you need to know.
  •  Risk Factors Worksheet: Review the Risk Factors to see where you can eliminate some risk for your kids.
  •  Bankrupt at Birth: eBook Excerpt: Get a glimpse into a new book whose authors are on a mission to end child identity theft.
  • Child ID Theft Safety Tele-class: Author of the book, Bankrupt at Birth, teaches you about child identity theft and what you can do to help protect your kids.
  • Free trial of Identity Guard®†: Get a FREE 30-Day trial of Identity Guard®.
  • Subscription to Child ID Theft News: Subscribe just by registering your email address.

Identity Guard has a new product called kIDSure that uses their technological solutions for monitoring and alerting you to issues with the safety of your identity to help safeguard your children.  With more than a decade of experience protecting adult identity, this is an exciting new step to help protect our children as well.
Remember that this is a new idea to some of us … if you are considering addressing the issue with your spouse…..take some time to familiarize yourself with the issue and what options you have available to you, then be sure to remember that your spouse may need the same space and time to process the information.  Don’t be discouraged if they aren’t as enthusiastic as you are right off the bat!



†Free trial requires successful enrollment. After your trial period, you will be billed either your monthly or annual fee unless you call to cancel. You may cancel your membership at any time.

This service and the book Bankrupt at Birth were provided to me for review at no charge. In addition I received monetary compensation. All opinions are my own….no one else is responsible for me spilling about SuperDad’s business in public ;)

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