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Back to the Table with Libby’s and a Giveaway!

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It is no secret to anyone who reads my blog that I am far from perfect, and I’ve chosen to embrace those flawed aspects of my life and keep on movin’ on. Having SuperBaby however really REALLY knocked the wind out of my sails. One thing that went by the wayside when I was pregnant was dinnertime routines.

That’s not true. We had routines. They involved me throwing together something that passed as a healthy, well rounded meal and serving it to my family … in front of the television.

Very shortly after SuperBaby arrived my husband and I agreed we needed to take back dinnertime; and fast.

Sitting together as a family to eat your meals is much more than gathering for food. it is a time to enjoy each other. It is a time to share with each other. I truly believe that sitting down to eat together shows a level of respect for the family unit that is healthy and necessary.

So we came back to the table.

A couple of months ago I got an email from Erin at The Motherhood inviting me to participate in Libby’s Back to the Table event in Kansas City with some amazing KC bloggers;  benefiting  Hillcrest, a great Kansas City cause.  Let’s see…food, charity, bloggers…How could I refuse? I did receive compensation from The Motherhood for my time, but really, this event was right up my alley!

Last week we all met at the Farmhouse restaurant in Kansas City with author and mother of seven Hannah Keeley. We chatted, shared tips on what keeps our kids at the table and ate some great food.

Then we got to work. We filled 30 reusable grocery bags with some great canned goods and topped it off with our own ideas of what would help families make and share dinner together:

Hillcrest received 30 bags stuffed with these items to share with families that are transitioning into independent living.  For whatever reason they’ve been down on their luck and are working their way up.

Because Libby’s was THAT COOL about this event…they have a goodie bag for each of us to pass on to one of our readers.  The goodie bag includes some canned goods (fruits and veggies) from Libby’s, a state of the art can opener, and a copy of Hannah’s book Total Mom Makeover.

All you have to do is leave me a comment with your favorite tip for keeping family dinner a number one priority.  That’s it!

Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on Sunday, October 10.  The person with the best “Back to the Table Tip” will be the winner!  You must be over 18 to win.

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