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Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Writer’s Block Edition

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It was a dark and stormy night …..

I’ve always wanted to start a story that way… it’s classic. But I have writer’s block. It really IS a dark and stormy night. The kind I LOVE. The kind that roll in kinda fierce and leave a cold, dreary day behind. I can hear the wind whipping around outside my window.

I have twin zits under my nose. Small enough that I don’t THINK anyone else can see their evil…but big enough that I can feel their pain. “They” always say that you shouldn’t poke and prod at a zit. That’s like saying “Don’t Push The Red Button”. I’m gonna push the Red Button.

I’m trying to convince SuperDad that attending Disney Social Media Moms conference in March is JUST what our family needs. I’m being possessed by thoughts of how adorable SuperGirl will be when she sees the castle… Snow Wipe (not a typo), Sinderbewha and…TINKERBELL (why can she say TinkerBELL but not CinderELLa?)

SuperBaby took his name to heart today and launched himself right out of his crib during nap time. The most awesome part of this story is that because it was nap time, when I heard him crying I did not go and check on him. It was mostly your run of the mill whine and stop…cry a little …whine and stop. When I opened up the door to his room to get him up, he was blocking the door. On the floor. Not in his bed. I’m a good mom.

Seriously. Writer’s block ROTS. I was given the wise advice tonight to just start writing….that “it is easier to wrap a ‘blah’ idea into good than to wrap a good idea into ‘blah’” … but I’m whiny…and I’m tired…and these three kids zap my life’s soul most days.

Why is it that I can have the.most.amazing. plans for my blog…ideas to share that will touch, inspire and bring on full force pee-in-your-pants-laughter….all in my head…and they form beautifully when my hands are 1)in soapy water 2)in poopy diapers 3)driving carpool or 4)wiping poopy butts (not to be confused with #2)?

I wonder if my stuff is blowing away? Seriously, this is some strong wind. I made a mug of hot apple cider. I love hot apple cider, it’s one of my favorite things about fall and winter.

But seriously…I SAY that I love storms….and stormy nights … but I worry. I lie in bed and run through the checklist: windows up on the van? toys all back in the house? Did I bring the dogs in??? Until I’m satisfied we are covered for at least the human error part of this beautiful work of nature.

As a general rule, no emails are sent or posts published once pain pills have been introduced…but it seems appropriate for this Writer’s Block Edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts.

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