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Little Things: Read to Me

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This summer I noticed SuperBoy’s reading skills increasing exponentially. He read all sorts of things to us: signs, advertisements, even some of our books. I suspected that although he was learning, a lot of what he was “reading” to us was either memorized or something he was able to put together based on pictures and surroundings.

Thursday he came home from school with his first library book of the year: Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur! He was so excited to read it to me, so I settled in for a long night of “sounding it out”.

He read the first page, then another, then another.  He stumbled over only a handful of words which he was able to sound out for himself.

He’s never read this book, or had this book read to him before.  This wasn’t coming from memory.

It’s a Little Thing, being read to.  But what a huge thing when it is your “baby” reading to you.

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Leap Frog Tag Books : Great Deal at Target

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This coming Sunday Leap Frog Tag reader books will be on sale at Target BOGO with some of the titles being marked down to $9.99.

If you visit Chevy and take a virtual test drive you will be able to print a $5/1 Tag Book coupon.  You should be able to print two.  Use two coupons on two books next week and you will get 2 books for $0.99!  Even if you don’t buy the titles on sale you should be able to get each book for around $2.50 combining the sale and the coupons.

My kids both have a Tag Reader and I like to stock up on new books during sales like these so I can have the books to give them year round.  They make great incentives for good behavior/chore charts and an added bonus for a long car ride.

*The coupon is only valid on books $9 or more.

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