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Little Things: I Love You Pancakes

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Little Things like breakfast made with love are important.  This year I made little heart pancakes for the kids, served as always with my homemade pancake syrup (corn syrup is okay if you put it in your own recipe, right?).

It turns out, this was the highlight of the day.  The hours that followed were a mixture of chaos, unprecidented application of Murphy’s Law and downright bad luck.  I’m so glad that I even though I was exhausted and the kids were crabby and bickering…. I stuck to my guns and got this breakfast on the table.

We called it quits on V-Day by noon….so I’m glad the kids will remember a Little Thing like heart shaped pancakes filled with love on their breakfast table this Valentine’s Day.

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Little Things: Happy Valentine

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Little Things like a snuggle from a warm little body can add perspective to the worst of days.

Today is one of those: a lousy, no good, rotten, very bad day. SuperDad and I were on the couch, staring at the walls (okay, the television…whatever)….when SuperBaby wandered in, groggy from his nap and climbed into my lap. His warmth and his smell flooded over me bringing calm and gratitude for all little things.

My Littlest Valentine.

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Little Things: He Made the Bed

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Turning down the sheets when its time to get in bed is something that gives me great pleasure.  I also thoroughly enjoy seeing my nicely made bed every morning.

There in lies the rub:  I almost never make my bed.

My bedroom is the single most neglected room in the house: always at the bottom of a never ending to-do list.

Last weekend I went kamikaze on our bedroom….it isn’t completely done but it is 8,ooo times better than it was.

Today when I got done feeding the kids breakfast and stumbled back into my room to get dressed (ok…to brush my teeth…I’m still in my pjs).. this is what I saw.  My husband had taken a minute to make up the bed before he left for work.

I’m such a perfectionist about things like this:  I like the tops of the sheets ironed so they lay flat, I like the pillow cases and the duvet to be wrinkle free, I want it made “just so”.  When I can’t accomplish all of these things (which takes a monumental alignment in the heavens) I always opt to not do it all:  If you can’t do it right…don’t do it.

What a DUMB thing to do to myself!

In the spirit of full disclosure:  My ridiculously over-the-top control freak self couldn’t even “snap” this picture without messing with the bed a bunch of times to make it look “just a little better” …because all of those things I listed above weren’t done.  I could KICK myself.

Today I’m grateful that my husband took the time to do this one little thing to brighten my day….and remind me of what is important and what is not.

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Little Things: Smile

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A smile is not always a little thing;  sometimes its the hardest thing to conjure….but it is always the easiest thing to give away.

When I drop my son off at Kindergarten each morning, I park in the parking lot and walk him across the drive.  I could wait in line and throw him let him jump from the car as I glide past the entryway….but this little bit of extra effort makes him happy.  It is less stressful to him (and, frankly, to me) to hold his hand and walk up to the classroom door where I can hug him goodbye and plant one large, embarrassing Mom Kiss on his face as I send him off into the world.

This morning when I was returning to my car, one of the women who very faithfully directs traffic and monitors the parental drop off craziness each and every morning said to me:  “I just love seeing you every morning, you always wear such a great smile”.


Despite my harried mornings, despite my often dragging spirit and the bags under my eyes… I’ve been smiling…and apparently it makes someone else’s day.  THAT is something to smile about.

It’s the little things in life that make the difference….and not always just to ourselves.


This photo was taken by my friend Kristen from Dine and Dish during a photo shoot that my other fabulous friend Sandra from Sandra Hale Photography was doing during our (not so) recent get away in November.

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Little Things: Planning

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A little thing like making a list can make a huge difference.  Just breaking it down and facing what most needs to be done, a place to ground yourself and refer to when life starts to spin out of control.

I fell under the bus last week.  Well, really at the end of the week.  Making cookies for SuperBoy’s birthday treats at school….then putting his party together on Saturday….

I’m back on track for this week. The next two weeks are relatively event free so I want to make the most of them to get caught up around the house and with my work…really get back on track from the holidays…FINALLY.

I started with this list…not for the day, but for the week.  Tomorrow I might try to break it down into a daily thing but today is already rolling.

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