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At Least it Wasn’t Octopus

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SuperBaby had this colossal meltdown tonight over strawberries.  He is a very picky eater… really the first one that is that way.  If he SEES a food he wants he will eat nothing else until he gets it.  SuperBoy had finished his dinner and was eating his strawberries; enter meltdown.

I have a couple of rules when it comes to mealtime at our house, but I’m generally open for negotiations when it comes to quantity of food eaten:

  1. Dinner (Breakfast, Lunch, whatever) is what is served.  Whether or not you choose to eat it is up to you.  This is not a restaurant and I am not a short order cook.
  2. If you choose to not eat your food, don’t ask me for a snack later.
  3. If you want a treat, you have to eat your food (enter negotiation stage).

Usually it boils down to “If you eat four more bites of X, you may have X.”  It is almost a ritual.

SuperBaby, does not enjoy this ritual.  He wants what he wants and relies on the voracity of his vocal chords to get it.

So he would not eat his sandwich at dinner.  I got down to the bare bones: “You must eat this meat” (roughly 1/4 of a piece of turkey) “and then you may eat strawberries”.

He screamed.

He climbed on the table.

He threw his plate. (At which point I put him down and called it quits.)

He then proceeded to scream (if you are interested…he is still screaming)

and scream

and sob

and scream.

He then choked a little from screaming so hard.

For the love of strawberries.

This reminded me of my dad talking about when his mom used to cook octopus for dinner.  She was Greek…and not a good cook.  She liked to cook octopus for some reason.  He said they had to sit there until it was G.O.N.E.  and that they would sit there for HOURS…. the fish becoming cold and rubbery.  I get shivers just thinking about it.

So that story popped into my head and I laughed as I thought about calling him to share what a horrible mother I was for insisting upon 2 meager bites of turkey.

You know how when you think of sharing a story or a funny with someone … especially someone you love…. you have that flash of imagination where just for a moment you can see what their reaction will be when you tell them?  I did that.

He was going to think this was funny.

That whole mind trick took all of 10 seconds I’m sure, until I remembered that my dad has been gone for over 8.5 years.

How does your mind, your heart, do that?  How do you forget the absence of a presence that you miss so much?


Hey Dad…. at least I didn’t make my kid eat Octopus.

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