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25% Off Old Navy Online Purchases TODAY

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I have been seriously crabbing at myself for the last week because SuperBaby and SuperBoy need some basic summer clothes and while I know it is a little pricier than Target or WalMart… I really like getting some basics at Old Navy.  Let’s just say … the clothes I didn’t give away when SuperBoy was little…are still in GREAT shape for SuperBaby to wear.  They just hold up very well.

So ANYWAY… I was kind of cursing myself for not getting down there…but I cannot muster up the energy to take them all down there.  Then I was cursing myself for missing a sale I saw come through a while back. I decided yesterday I would just suck it up and order some things online…. then last night I got the email that they were having an online sale!  WEE!!!  It is over the next several days… it works like this:

Use the code ONSPRING when you check out and get:
25% off your online purchases TODAY (4/14)

20% off your online purchases Friday (4/15) and Saturday (4/16)

and 15% off your online purchases Sunday (4/17).

I’m stoked. Want to order today?  Click HERE and get started!

And did you know…that if you click on one of the links in this post you are helping a lowly blogger out?  I have an affiliate relationship with Old Navy and if you visit them via my site, they throw a few pennies in  my Christmas Stocking ;)

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